In the article, “Afghanistan Falls to the Taliban” (McGraw Hill) I learned that the Biden administration had set a deadline that was already placed that demanded to remove the U.S. military personal from Afghanistan, but with the rapid speed of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, the United States was forced to withdraw their troops much quicker. 20 years ago the United States assisted Afghanistan by providing them equipment and all the necessary resources for them to remove the Taliban from power. Throughout the years their military has fallen to the Taliban as they began to gain control over certain areas of the country. This has caused many of the Afghan people to panic as thousands still wait to be evacuated to safety. Women and girls would be the most vulnerable to the Taliban takeover, as they may take many of their rights and freedoms. Since August 70,000 Afghans have been evacuated from the country successfully. Although the Trump administration had initially begun to process, it was the Biden administration who set a date for the full troop withdrawal. This left many areas vulnerable to Taliban control, which is why he received an immense amount of criticism for his decision.

Who do you think should be blamed for what has occurred in Afghanistan?x

I think that what is happening in Afghanistan is an important crisis that even we as Americans should take notice of. It must be horrible to feel like there is no hope and forced out of your own country to not suffer. The Biden administration so far has rescued many Afghans from dangers in their country, but along with this, we should also care about our safety as we are not aware of what type of people we are bringing into our country from Afghanistan. Many people initially blamed the Biden administration for what has occurred when in reality Donald Trump was the one who initially began the process of removing U.S. troops during his presidency.

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