Some people believe GM foods are safe, healthy, and sustainable, while others claim the opposite. I think it’s safe because they engineer seeds to give GM foods stronger colors, increase their shelf life, or eliminate seeds. That’s why we can buy seedless watermelons and grapes. Some GM foods also have been engineered to have higher levels of specific nutrients, such as protein, calcium, or folate. Therefore laws don’t have to be passed because it’s not something that’s dangerous. I don’t think anything should be changed because things are been this way for a while and people are accepting it in fact they’re not even considering it so might as well leave it alone.



  1. Naiara 3 years ago

    Hi Noor, I agree a little with you about GM is good, because some foods contain more nutrients, vitamins, etc. But I know some GM foods can be bad because some of them contain hormones, the animals we eat are also feed with that. When farmers use pesticides to kill undesirable plants, it harms the earth and if the food is not well washed, there are probabilities we can consume those chemicals. plan But I like your position because mostly GM are seen as “the bad guys” when also they are helping us.

  2. Dinakar 3 years ago

    This is a great topic that I think you can go into more depth with. It has to do with plasmids that can be genetically engineered. Most of our food is actually genetically engineered to keep the food away from pesticides and other food invaders. This is a very interesting issue because sometimes these chemicals can be harmful to us. I want to see more because this is something that is very current and is very important.

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