June 25, 2022


Permanent cure for the flu

In the article, “Permanent Cure for the Common Cold”  (BTW) I learned that when the temperature started to change during the winter, the flu season came back again. What if the scientist could find a way to make sure that none of us gets sick with these diseases again. Turts out, they may be on the road to doing just that-by using what is essentially a pair of molecular scissors. How does it work? When a cold or flu virus spreads throughout your body. It does so by taking over cells and making copies of itself at the molecular level. Once the disease has taken over cells this way, it spreads and continues to replicate throughout the body. The cell’s RNA. But now, scientists have discovered a tool called the CRISPR Cas13, a gene-editing tool that’s basically like a pair of molecular scissors. The CRISPR can target the part of the RNA that’s carrying the virus, and just “cut” it out. 

I think this is a good way to cut out the flu, because many people get affected by this every year, at least twice a year. This discovered fight with these virtues in order to kill it. I think using these medicines can help many people, because no one likes to be sick during the winter or any season during the year.

Should Citizens Go Space Traveling?

In the article, “Civilian Space Travel” (McGraw Hill), I learned that in September 2021 four people, a CEO, a physician assistant, an aerospace data engineer, and a pilot/geoscientist–became the first all-civilian crew to orbit Earth on a mission called Inspiration4. Citizens are now able to go on space travel if they have enough funds to buy their seats. There is a decision on whether to support or not support the decision of sending citizens to space. People are often asked if they had the opportunity to take the opportunity to go to space. 

Do you think there can be a way that space travel can become safe for citizens?

I believe that citizens should not go to space since, in 1986, President Ronald Reagan sent the first citizen to space who was a teacher named Christa McAuliffe, but the Challenger space shuttle accidentally exploded during takeoff and everyone on board was killed so, in all, spaceflight can be dangerous. Also, only the rich can be able to obtain the chance to go onto a flight and the money being spent on it can help with problems on Earth. In conclusion, I overall believe that citizens should not space travel since it can lead to a lot of catastrophes if they are not ready.

The Future of Sino-Taiwanese Cross-Strait Relations

I’ve always tried my best to stay up to date with what’s going on around the world. And the current event that seems to be coming up more and more frequently is the Sino-Taiwanese cross-strait relationship, something that’s been going on since 1949.  

I find this relationship interesting because it is not some local issue on the other side of the globe, but rather an issue that involves the most powerful nations in the world, including the United States, China, and Japan. With recent events in Afghanistan calling attention to America’s foreign policy, a potential conflict may soon become the next biggest foreign problem America will be involved in. Bellow is a summary of the Wall Street Journal article: ( )

As tensions between China and Taiwan worsen and worsen, the nation of Japan has taken steps to best prepare for a potential conflict in the next couple of years. Chinese officials have continued to express their desire to unify the two nations, be it peacefully or forcefully, while the Taiwanese have adamantly voiced their desire to remain independent. As it is a democratic nation with a very important role in the global technology market, America has supported Taiwan, economically and militarily (through weapons sales) though never officially recognizing the country as a sovereign nation. Due to its post-war constitution, Japan is granted only a very limited military force only for self-defence, and with events like the crackdown on Hong Kong, have started talks with American officials to discuss contingencies in case a conflict breaks out.

Poverty Worldwide

How will we target poverty throughout the world?

Poverty is a very serious issue across not only the nation but across the entire planet. Many countries are worse off than others and it appears as though little action is being taken to control the increasing poverty levels among people everywhere. More homeless shelters are being built for those in extreme poverty and there are many generous people willing to donate time, money or both to help out those less fortunate than ourselves. However, it is known that many people are fighting the construction of new homeless shelters because they are too close to neighborhoods. This has especially been an issue in Utah with the homeless shelter being built in the Murray area.

One of the biggest concerns for me is why are people so against helping other human beings? A homeless shelter with help gather those sleeping on the streets and bring them to a warm bed with food. It would benefit not only those sleeping in the cold, but those people who are disgusted by seeing displaced people sleeping on the side of the road. Just because they are without a home does not mean they are any ess of a person and should not be treated as anything less.

Poverty can only be solved with the help of all those involved. The outreach international released five steps to fight poverty, the first one being, “The people directly affected by the problems or issues of poverty in the community have to be actively and authentically participating in the efforts to fight poverty.” (Outreach International, 2017) If people actually living in poverty are making an effort to better their lives, people around them will be more willing to contribute. Specific issues must also be addressed, according to Outreach International, “It is more effective when issues and problems are identified by the people.” (Outreach International, 2017). The only way to fight poverty is to conquer issues head on.



One major change I would like for you to make is to raise the pay for teachers, doctors, and veterans. Like why do all these football player and basketball players get paid all this money just for entertaining people, the money should go to the real people with real jobs. Yes playing football can create jobs for people but why do players get paid so much money in that case, why can’t a doctor get paid a lot of money for saving somebody life?

Will we be able to end poverty worldwide?

Poverty is a worldwide issue that hardly comes with an easy fix. There are countless poverty stricken areas around our world today and it seems to only be growing. According to dosomething.orgnearly 1/2 of the world’s population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 a day. 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty.” This is not an issue that should go unnoticed. Rather, it is something that can be changed, worldwide, in the near future.

As a world community, it is hoped that we will be able to end poverty by the year 2030. Though, according to, “poverty will only end by 2030 if growth is shared.” This remains an ambitious goal, though still a hopeful one. In order to make this goal a reality, “[each] per capita consumption in the entire developing world would [need to] grow at about 4.5% per year, [so that] the new target could be reached