November 30, 2022


The End of the Semester

 Knock knock 

When I heard the door, the bell rang as well.

“Get the door please Sasha!!” said Ms. Charles, my last period teacher.

   Creep, creep, creep

 Ms.Williams heels cracking on the floor, she walked into the class with a bunch of papers. She started to yell the student’s names.

  “I knew it was the report cards,” said junior the white kid sitting next to me.

“we on J now,” she said with a disappointed face, so I knew it was my name.

 I knew my name was next because I’m the only one with a J at the beginning of my last name in the class. I didn’t know how to feel.

         “Jackson, come up!!!”  she said. 

          “Thank you, ma’am” as I took the white piece of paper.

           “You can go now,” she said as I was about to go back to my seat.

I went outside waiting for the bus so I can go home. 

            “Damn it’s freaking hot!!” said the old lady, “the AC better be on in the damn bus!!”  as she got on the bus. 

It’s always a long ride whenever I’m going home because there’s always a lot of traffic, Then I got to my destination. I got off the white and blue bus. 

             Whoop whoop 

the dog barking mad loud in the street, you could hear all the way from the other side of the road when the black chiwawa barks. I was strutting on the left side of the road going downhill forgetting that my average is 10 times less than what my mom is expecting from me.

     Knock knock on the brown door with a black lock rail. 

As soon I knocked my mom said,Give me the report card!!”

     “The school called,”  she said. I took it out of my bookbag self satisfied and passed it to her. She was mad but at the end of the day I passed and she did understand me. Something I have found out about myself from this experience is I can do better.  Ever since that day, I am trying to put more work in. I believe that I can be successful but there will always be a struggle and optical. People always think that in life you don’t need to work to make money but they are wrong.

Jackson Jocelyn