December 2, 2022


Deadly Fires In Many Parts Of The World

In the Article “Southeastern Europe Battle Deadly Fires,” I learned that South Eastern Europe is facing widespread and deadly fires. Greece is also battling with at least 55 wildfires where thousands have been evacuated. Dozens of homes have been destroyed and dozens of people have been injured, two people including a firefighter were killed. The same thing is happening in Greek island of Evia, where a whole village was burned. Meanwhile turkey is facing the worst fires in the country’s history. More than 55,000 hectares of forest have been lost to these fires.There have been 8 deaths and many have been injured. More than 220 wildfires have broke out in turkey throughout these past few weeks. It is getting to the point where it is challenging to stop the fires from spreading. Firefighters are doing their duty and doing anything they can to stop these fires.There are many countries like the United Kingdom, France, and the United States that are helping keep everything under control by sending water bombing aircrafts to the areas where it is needed.

I think that what is happening is important and there should be more people informed about these deadly fires. Due to all these fires happening all around the world the environment is burning and getting destroyed. It must be horrible to live where there are many fires and where you are forced to leave your home. 

Everything in flames?

Recently There have been lots of wildfires in some U.S. states and they are going to get worse and worse if we dont step in and do something about it. For example This past september there was this reddish/orangish cloud of smoke caused by the wildfires in San Francisco, California. This affected people not only physically but mentally as well. This is because they didn’t know if all their belongings were going to be there tomorrow or any other day. The principle cause of these fires is the climate change caused by fossil fuels being burned and causing even more pollution to enter the air. Also, If this cloud of smoke is in the air it acts like a blanket that covers the shy trapping excess heat and causing more disasters. Furthermore there are some people like Carla heath that said “You do what you have to do at this point,” Heath said. “The coronavirus is a concern, but that’s so far back right now. I’m not even thinking about it.” We all have to work together to stop these disasters and make the world a better place.

In my opinion, I agree that we have to do something to cause less wildfires to start and ruin people’s lives. But not just california, or oregon for example. We have to be one nation that’s all united and help one another with the problems that we are facing. But for a start we need to burn less oil and other fossil fuels to save energy. If we all work together we can make a big difference.

What is the main cause of these wildfires?

With the growing deadly wildfires in California and the west coast, how can the whole country open its eyes to climate change and realize this is a matter of urgent justice?

Since the Industrial Revolution, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen from 290 parts per million to 390, with a steady incline of 2 ppm each year from burning fossil fuels.

This increased use of fossil fuels has caused temperatures to rise every year, Antarctic ice caps to melt, and larger wildfires such as the ones we have seen on the west coast this year.

The top 15 out of 20 deadliest wildfires in California history have happened within the past 20 years with over 4 million acres of land in California having been burned this year.

For example, the wildfire known as Camp Fire in 2018, is known to be the most destructive fire in the state’s history. It destroyed 153,336 acres of land, killed 85 people, and with economic losses between $3 million and $6 million dollars.

As the usage of fossil fuels increases, climate change is extending the length of the wildfire season as well as amplifying drought frequency and severity. Drought causes moisture stress in vegetation, which leads to higher susceptibility to wildfire.

As California’s population continues to grow, more people live in the areas highly damaged by the wildfires, impacting communities throughout the state.

As much as these wildfires damage the environment, they also have damaged the health of the communities within California. The particle pollution within the wildfire smoke can trigger asthma attacks, heart attacks, deaths, and premature deaths.  

Based on current trends, by the year 2100, there could be 450 ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which could possibly melt all ice on earth.

To limit the further devastative effects of climate change, we must phase off fossil fuels with the next generation and help the reforestation of land impacted by forest fires.

California Wildfires

All over California right now are a lot of fires. These firefighters are fighting for their lives and other people’s lives as well. These fires have gotten really dangerous to the point where people are evacuating their homes. The air quality is so bad as well that kids can’t be outside doing exercise. These wildfires are getting close to homes in California and they are destroying homes and lands.

These fires are getting a lot better now since all the firefighters are doing a great job. What started the wildfires in California was a baby gender reveal. It was an explosion and that explosion started a fire and got worse over the minute. These fires are no joke I’m sure you’ve heard of the fires in Oregon as well. The firefighters are doing a great job ad wish them good luck.

The Dangers of California Wildfires

In the beginning of the year 2020, wildfires have burned over 3.2 million acres in California.  Since the early days of August, California’s fire activity has escalated quickly and has destroyed over 5,000 structures.  

Over 17,000 firefighters have been fighting over 25 major wildfires.  A Red Flag Warning has been issued throughout the state of California.  A Red Flag Warning means warm temperatures, very low humidities, and stronger winds are expected to combine to produce an increased risk of fire dangers.  Unfortunately, California fires consumed hundreds of homes, businesses, and other structures.  These wildfires affected the economy by developing seasonal variations in employment over the year.  Particle pollution exposure can cause a variety of health problems.  For example, coughing, shortness of breath, headaches, heart attacks and respiratory effects such as asthma and bronchitis.  

Orange Cove firefighters arrived to help battle the Creek Fire located in the Northeast of Shaver Lake.  This fire is close to our small town, Orange Cove, which has been active for ten days and only contained 18%.  All we can do is pray for those who are battling against huge fires and prepare for the worst.  

How wildfires have destroyed Northern California

In every part of the world, natural disasters pose a threat to the people living there, whether it’s the destructive 2004 Indonesian earthquake or the deadly 2011 Japanese tsunami. Likewise, California has been receiving a surplus of high-danger wildfires within the past few years. This topic is very important to me, because these fires are still a threat to me, as well as the rest of Northern California. During the  wildfires, my city received poor air quality which is a serious health risk, which can lead to heart and lung disease. Additionally, some parts of my city have been experiencing multiple days without power, which disrupts daily life in more ways than you can imagine. However, I’ve been lucky in comparison to citizens living farther north. For example, my great aunt and uncle’s house burned down due to a wildfire. They talked to me recently, saying, “It happened so fast, we could barely get Solei and Liza Jane (their dogs) and our important possessions out of the house before we were in danger. We had no time to waste on trying to save random things”. The destruction of houses due to wildfires is regular now. According to CBS news, just one fire, the Camp Fire, destroyed 8,800 buildings, 7,600 of which were houses, and burned 130,000 Californian acres. Some fires, like the Woolsey Fire, even reached Southern California. In the same CBS article, a devastated Hidden Valley, CA citizen said, “It’s terrible, we evacuated, thought the danger was done, then of course came back thinking it was safe”.

There has been state legislation to limit wildfires, although maybe not enough. For example, a law states that citizens in the State Responsibility Area (or SRA, an area of California especially prone to wildfires) are required to clear large flammable objects within 100 feet of their house. Furthermore, many Californians have pointed towards PG&E for being the source of the previously mentioned Camp Fire. PG&E, or Pacific Gas & Electric, is a utilities superpower who powers 16 million Californians. A report from PBS revealed that a PG&E transmission line igniting unexpectedly was the source of the Camp Fire. In fact, this is PG&E’s reason behind turning off power, in order to prevent future fires. In response to the destruction of homes and possessions, insurance companies sued PG&E, facing $30 million in legal liabilities, and PG&E filed for bankruptcy. Though this may seem like a temporary solution for California residents, the reality is that PG&E still have a monopoly on the California utility market, and most Californians (including myself) still have to rely on PG&E for power. While suing PG&E and limiting flammable objects are steps in the right direction, in order to permanently solve this problem, we have to look at the root problem: climate change. Los Angeles Times writers Rong Gong Lin II, Matt Hamilton, and Joseph Serna cite a lack of rainfall as a reason to why California has been so dry, and this lack of rainfall is due to the change of climate we are all experiencing. The dryness of California has made it especially easy for wildfires to not only start, but spread. Although wildfires are a natural process that shouldn’t always be disrupted, a healthier, wetter environment will lead to a reduction of wildfires, ultimately keeping us safer. In the meantime, a fire emergency kits for citizens would be a good way to prepare residents in the State Responsibility Area.

In order to better my understanding of why wildfires occur, both naturally and artificially, I would need to continue researching environmental science and California environmental policies. I think it’s also important for not only myself, but everyone in California to spend a small amount of time researching what to do in the case of a wildfire. Though problems you read on the news may seem far away, if you live in California, it can still happen in your area. The threat of wildfires is still present.

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A power station in Mill Valley, California during a widespread blackout in October 2019. (JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Australian Wildfire: What Now?

September of 2019, the terrifying wild bushfire season began in Australia. According to Nathan Rott from NPR, more than 23 people have been confirmed dead and thousands of people, including those in New Zealand suffer from the consequences. The air quality, skyrocketing temperatures and shifting winds makes it impossible to breathe and see not only in Australia but neighboring countries from thousands of miles away also. Thousands of people including tourists like Meaghan Wagg and her kids from Canada are waiting to be on the top of the evacuation list. Still, it seems impossible to evacuate everyone as more than 200 wild bushfires continue to burn.

Countries from all over the world have sent volunteers to help fight the Australian wildfires. Most notably, according to NPR News, 69 Canadians have been sent to battle against the deadly wildfires of the vast tracts of Australia. The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre has sent three different groups of highly trained staff for a 38 day deployment in New South Wales. This crew often deals with roles in command, aviation, planning, logistics and operations. In the process, two volunteer fighters have been found dead. However, this relationship between Australia and Canada are reciprocal as Australian firefighters have helped Canada with their wildfires more than 4 times in the past. 

For those of us who are not highly skilled in firefighting, there are several courses of action we can take to help fight the Australian wildfires and prevent more from happening. First of all, we must cut down on the use of fossil fuels. According to NPR News, Buchholz, who studies climate change describes fossil fuels that can “change the landscape ecosystem from being neutral or harmless to something that is destructive.” Climate and fire have reciprocal relationships as well as climate impacts fire and fire impacts climate. It is important to achieve a balance between the two by reducing fossil fuels. 

California is Under Attack

There have been numerous wildfires occurring in California over the past few years. Many people are being evacuated and affected by these fires. People’s homes, offices, and other belongings all have the potential to be burned. Some people can not get out of their home, and people’s lives are endangered. 1,650 acres have burned in the Kincade Fire alone. This fire threatened the lives of 7,000 buildings and over 200,000 people had to flee their homes

These fires have even had political issues. The fight between Republican’s and Democrats have influence on what is happening. Policymakers are trying to find ways of helping the firefighters and people that are affected by these fires and how to prevent them in the future. Democrats believe that this is a cause of global warming and that fires have increased since the start of global warming, but the Republicans do not believe in global warming at all and they believe that it is all a joke. This is going along to their traditional views of what is happening in our country. 

There is a problem with all of these fires in California. People and government are affected by this. The people are being put in relocations for those who can not afford other alternatives of places to stay. The government and their economy inside of the government is being affected by this. The money that the state of California has is mainly going toward the fighting of these fires, preventions of these fires, the setting up and maintaining of these relaxation centers that people are sent to. The government is what can help the people who can not afford and help the people that were affected by the fires.