December 2, 2022


Should the Voting Age Be Lowered?

The article “Should the Voting Age Be Lowered” (Upfront, September 3, 2018), talks about how people under the age of 18 are unable to vote. The 26th amendment of the United States Constitution lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 after it was ratified in 1971. Young people in today’s world have started a wave of opposition to this pushing for it to be lowered further. The article shows the thoughts of two researchers who have opposite opinions about the topic. The first researcher, Laurence Steinberg, is in favor of the thought of lowering the voting age. He acknowledges that critics will question the ability of teenagers to make important decisions such as voting. He argues this by saying that teens aren’t as “hotheaded”, if you will, in important situations like voting. Steinberg also points out that recent studies have shown that by age 16, young people can gather and process information, weigh pros and cons, and reason logically using facts. The opposing researcher, David Davenport, argues that voting requires a higher level of civic responsibility and knowledge. One of the critical points of his argument is that he states that if we don’t allow our 16-year-olds to join the military or serve on juries then they should not be allowed to vote as he puts voting in the same tier of importance as those two duties.

I agree with David Davenport that the voting age should not be lowered. In fact, I think it should be higher than 18 to at least 21. The problem with today’s generation of teenagers, more famously known as generation z, is their reliance on social media. Social media constantly pushes a certain political narrative with the intention of programming the minds of our youth to believe a biased opinion is a fact. This has created the toxic culture that is generation z. The creation of this ignorant youth culture is the product of exposure to fake news not just on social media, but on many other forms of media. As Davenport stated, their brains are not even fully developed yet meaning they have not fully developed essential skills such as moral reasoning which is critical when voting. I think it is best to educate our youth on politics and the law before they make any sort of decision like voting. Putting the fate of our country in the hands of the ignorant would be our doom.

Do you think the voting age should be lowered and if so, why?

Eligible to vote 101

In the article “Old Enough to Vote” it success the time when upcoming 18 year olds would be drafted into war. Although these teenages were able to fight, kill, and train they wondered why they were not able to vote in a part of politics. This created much controversy as many felt that war effort was to benefit the country and voting for teenagers were not appropriate because they were “radical”.

Although those in favor of making voting requirements able for 18 year olds to vote as they have many things to say about the world and can actually benefit the political world as they are going to have a say in their future. Youth voters have many ideas and also opinions the way they too would want their government to be run. These youth fought hard to get their chance to vote and they too did this for a purpose which was to show how important voting is to them and how they would take advantage of that.

Young Adults Voting

The article “Old enough to vote” by Joe Burban talks about how young voters want to give their point of view and show that they care about what is happening in the country. Throughout the years young people have been fighting for their right to vote. From the 2016 election to now there was at least a 7% increase in votes from ages 18 to 21. This is telling us that young people want to prove that they can also have an opinion because in reality they are going to be the future and they are being affected by the decisions that are taken by other people who are actually voting or by their own government. 

As seen in the last couple of year the increase in young people’s interest towards the country’s future is greater than what had been in the past. Young adults believed that even if they voted, their ideas or votes were not valid. Now things have changed. They want to show that they are able to make decisions that can affect or benefit themselves and that they can prove their point in letting others know that they want something different or that some of the laws are being unfair. It is fair for a young adult to have an opinion for what they want done in their life. 

Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

 In 1970, the president at the time Richard Nixon signed an extension of the voting rights act of 1965 that required the voting age to be lowered from 21-18 in all federal states and local elections. Since then the voting age hasn’t changed. Today many people are voting for the voting age to be lowered from 18-16. I support the fact that 16-year olds should vote because I believe that young teen’s voices matter. Many teens get their voices heard in the wake of the mass shooting at school. From my perspective, I believe that if teens could get their voices heard about something tragic and important like that, then they should get their voices heard by other important things around the world.¨ One way that they can do that if they are allowed to vote¨. 

One reason why 16- year olds should vote is that they will be the ones who are most affected by our decisions today. Also if they are allowed to have a driver’s license at 16 they should be allowed to vote. According to the article by Newsela, “ whether they’re contributing to society or being held accountable by society, they should be able to vote” As a result, the money that we give to the government isn’t important unless we have the power to decide who to invest in and we can only have that power by being able to vote.

Another reason why 16- year olds should vote is that if they are mature enough to pay taxes and that is important because it requires a lot of responsibility. Around 40 percent of teen are working part time jobs or full time. Being able to get a job and do amazing at it takes a lot of responsibility and self-dicpline. Doing taxes can be complicated and takes a lot of work but if you know how to then it will be easy. Being responsible means honoring our commitment and if teen can do that then they should have the right to vote.

 According to David de la Fuente” Voting is a habit, so it seems like a no-brainer to let people start voting at a younger age”. Many might argue that teens don’t know anything or enough about making decisions and a lot of things including governing the United States. I disagree because many teens know a lot about the consequences that are happening in this country, but they can’t say anything because they don’t have the power to. 

Finally, it’s important to lower the voting age because, if 16-year-olds can go to the military, have a job, and drive a car then I believe they should have a right to vote. Voting is not just about choosing who the president will be, it’s about our future. Teens have great ideas. These ideas should be heard because we understand the world better than adults today do. The voting age should be lowered because teens today will be adults tomorrow and our future counts on the decisions we make today. 


Will You Vote Now?

A huge debate within the last couple of years is how can we get everyone to use their privilege to vote. After the 2016 election, many Americans were not happy about the result. It showed that the electoral surveys were not accurate enough for what the people wanted. That means that not enough people voted, but how can we change that? We the people can change that by educating the citizens of the United States about our political issues and how to change them. That way they are able to make the decision of who we want as President. 

There are many ways we can fix the lack of voting in America. A great way to start is by getting everyone registered to vote, because once you are registered you are able to have a say in the government and political system. The mail in ballots are a great convenient to help get people to vote. Next you must give people incentives to vote, which may be giving out stickers that say, “I Voted”, or giving out donuts to all of those that vote. Most importantly we need to educate people and keep them informed on current politics, so that they are able to help America unite when the elections come and help overcome our very serious political issues. One of the most important issues right now is police brutality and the more people that know about it the easier it is to make a change in our country and help prevent problems like these. 

Many Americans want to make a change in the government or our country, because not everyone agrees with everything. One way people can do that is by voting. Many representatives have an incentive for why they are running and have specific ideas on how to help our country develop. If we the people vote for the people that are going to fix the problems that we want to be fixed,  that can also help our country develop. This will lead to more people getting involved with our government. We need everyone’s voice to be heard, so that not all of the votes are going towards one person, because the people who vote agree with him, but that may only be 50% of America and they may all be wealthy. But for the rest of Americans, they may want someone else, but if they do not vote, then we will not be able to solve problems like that. 

Lowering The Voting Age

      Many teenagers are passionate about political issues today, however they are going to have to wait until they reach the age of eighteen. Since teenagers are readying themselves to become part of the adult world, they should have a say in what their adult world is going to look like. Therefore, the voting age should be lowered to sixteen.

     The voting age was lowered in the 1970’s because men were being drafted at the age of eighteen. Being directly impacted by the government, men thought they should at least be able to pick who sends them overseas. Today, teens younger than eighteen are being directly impacted by the government, but with taxes. Teens pay “an estimated $9.7 billion dollars in sales taxes alone”, so teenagers should have a say in who collects their taxes (“Top Ten Reasons to Lower the Voting Age”).

     Some would say that teenagers are incapable of making big decisions. This is correct, for the frontal lobe of the brain — the part that controls decision making — is not fully formed yet. In fact, the frontal lobe is not fully formed in both men and women until the age of twenty-five. With the argument of someone should be able to vote when they are capable to make rational decisions, the voting age should be twenty-five. But because of the twenty-sixth amendment, the voting age cannot be greater than eighteen. If the voting age was changed to sixteen, it doesn’t necessarily mean the worst candidate will be picked. Lowering the voting age will increase the chance of having a politician the country/state will actually want: it would be the true majority vote. In the end, people that are being directly influenced by the government should be able to choose their government.

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