December 1, 2022


U.S Military Spending

In the article, “Does America Spend Too Much on Its Military?” (Upfront, 2022) I learned that the US has a budget of more than $760 billion. Although they spend so much money, they still use less of their revenue than other countries do with theirs. If you rank countries’ defense spending as a percentage of GDP, the U.S. isn’t in the top spot. There are many people who believe the U.S spends too much money on its military and not enough on other important things like programs, diplomacy, and humanitarian assistance. There are also people who believe that we need to spend as much money as we do because there are other adversaries who are increasing their spending.

Personally, I think that the U.S spending as much money as it does on its military is justified. The U.S is one of the most threatened countries and has to stay prepared at all times. Since 2000, China’s spending on its army has gone up 450 percent and has been engaging in a nuclear buildup and Russia has ramped up military investment and is simply Russia. I also think that the U.S needs to have a strong military in order to prevent war. I feel that because our military is as strong as it is, we have not been attacked or forced into war because enemies know how challenging it would be to win.

What do you think about how much the U.S spends on its’ military?

Women Integration Into Marine Corp

In the article, “Battle at Boot Camp” (upfront) I learned that combat jobs in the U.S. military were soon to be open for women. Many of the other U.S. Military branches have made a semi-decent transition to this change. The Marine Corps was the only service that looked for exceptions to the rule.  They believe that having gender integration would break the model that builds a marine. Strong bonds must be created, having both men and women in separate areas, then joining them together does not build a strong enough bond. Current and former Marines say that Marine leaders have an old-school mentality toward gender. They believe the Marine Corp will weaken if gender integration were to take place. Marine training bases in San Diego & Parris Island were the first to admit women. A few servicemen have referred to the integration as a “wake-up call” due to them “having to work more as a team.”

I personally believe that women should integrate into the Marine Corp, that is if they can survive the pressures and adversities. Women and men think differently, which can be beneficial during combat. But there can also be a possibility of them holding the platoon back. This all depends on the mental and physical strength of the women, as well as their experience. Until then, we will not know the true outcome until it is done. (subscription required)

What is going on in Afghanistan?

In the article “Afghanistan Fall to the Taliban” ( Admin) I learned that people at Afghanistan are trying to escape the country by going to the one still controlled by us military and the U.S troops placed razor wire to stop the kabul international the airport and to hold back the hold of crowds that is still growing. When the U.S troops began pulling out of the country because of biden the taliban began to take over the country with lighting speed taking the city, towns, and even the capitol. This is a horrible situation that the people of Afghanistan because the Taliban are killing people who working with the U.S military and the Girl are getting kill just because they went to school watch I hope they are all going to be fine. 

What will happen to the people in Afghanistan?

US Military Budget

According to the US government, there are several reasons why it is the global leader in defense spending by a large margin. A good portion of the budget is spent on our military because the US is sort of the world’s police force. After World War 2, we somewhat took responsibility for stability in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and all parts of the world where conflict might occur (so pretty much everywhere). Other countries like China and Russia that also spend a lot on their military have chosen to keep their military local, unlike how the US deploys troops across the globe to attempt to keep peace.

The reports that the public hears about may also be misleading when trying to figure out exactly how much money is spent on the military. The US’s defense budget in 2019 is reported $686 billion, but that includes the costs of paying corporations for contracting jobs around government buildings such as the Pentagon. In 2016, over $300 billion was spent on contracts between the government and other companies, which means a good portion of their budget was not directly spent on the military.

While some of the budget is not given to the military, the majority of it still is. The reason that our army costs so much to support is that the troops are volunteers, which means that they cost more to keep around than troops in other countries such as Russia where citizens are required to serve some time in the military.