November 26, 2022


We No Longer Stick Up For Each Other

These past few months have been very difficult for the Citizens of the United States. Many of us don’t think the United States are very “united.” There have been many riots and protests that have been caused by the Presidency with Donald Trump. We no longer stick up for each other and are constantly at battles with one another for our own opinions. Why can’t we be united again?

“Americans never did agree on fundamental issues, and North America is really comprised of 11 distinct cultural regions which battle for political and social supremacy constantly.” We are having not only political issues, but cultural as well. The United States has seen more worse days than this, but will we come out on top again. “It is possible to view the United States and Canada as being comprised of various cultural regions. These regions bicker and disagree on major issues and fundamental values constantly. The rough edges between them has given American culture its greatest works and distinct tone. But can this union, or any union so conceived, long endure? Perhaps, perhaps not.”

We need some way or someone to come along and help us improve our situation. This country will continue to keep fighting until we all have something to agree on. Trump is not helping out our political situation and the amount of discrimination going on within the US is ridiculous and we need to fix this problem before it gets worse.


Mr. President please help save our population and our Nation

Dear Mr. President,

I am beginning to see way too many signs of population control. According to the CDC, 2,626,418 people died in the United States in the most recent year. Very few of these casualties are caused by diseases or what seems to be environmental manipulations. The government is trying to control the reproduction of people and decrease the current amount of people.

According to the most recent visual representation of population control that i’ve viewed titled “fires, hurricanes, and population control” on YouTube. An expert explains how things work well with technology and he mentions that in this day in age, technology makes anything possible and makes a valid point that hurricanes for weeks at a time, and forest fires that burn for miles are easy for the government .

What is happening before our eyes is things that seem natural to us are being tampered with in order to get rid of as many people as possible and ruin the world around them.

As you may already know Mr. President, these things are not right. But what can we do or say to end these acts and save our nation ? Quite frankly, it all lies in your hands and you must encourage other government authority to put a stop to this. Natural disasters aren’t the only thing working well for the government to reduce population but things like transhumanism, encouraging the use of harmful contraceptives, and war casualties are also to blame. We as the people should be able to trust the government that represents us, instead we have to watch over our shoulders to ensure our safety. This needs to be stopped and we need to come to a consensus and keep our people safe and alive.




Photo by Kaibab National Forest