October 6, 2022


Thanksgiving Traditions

In the article “Thanksgiving Turkey and Traditions” (McGraw hill) I learned that there are different types of traditions everyone has every year, these are traditions have been occurring for hundreds of years and share different meanings. Thanksgiving is a national holiday made by Abraham Lincoln which is a tradition celebrated by many throughout the United States. Although the holiday was made by a former president, president Bush began a tradition in the white house which was to pardon the turkey given to the president. Since then there has been other presidents that have pardoned turkeys and sent them away. Others celebrate Thanksgiving as a day to give thanks to all their loved ones and spend time with their family and friends by eating different foods including turkey.

I think pardoning a turkey on Thanksgiving could be something that people can do but doing it when the day it’s eaten by most should not be done. Either way people choose to celebrate it different so not everyone may agree with the president’s pardoning turkeys or not doing it.

What do you think should turkeys be pardoned during Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Traditions

In the article “Thanksgiving Turkey & Traditions”, I learned that the bird ‘Turkey’ was known & to should have been the national bird for the United States of America. Benjamin Franklin thought the Bald Eagle has a bad moral character. In the other half the turkey is seen as a respectable true original bird. Presidents really take their part serious, when it comes to releasing a bird free and to taking their role in nation.

Thanksgiving is all about the fun and spending time with your family, traveling and celebrating candy. The rest is much culture, you can spend your time traditionally Thanksgiving.

How would you live up to this tradition?