January 27, 2023


Five Benefits of Cross-Training

I read “Five Benefits of Cross-Training.”

This article is about how crosstraining actually improves your ability to perform in your main sport. While it seems counterproductive to spend time on other activities, crosstraining helps develop one into a better all-around athlete. By doing other things, your body gets the chance to rest as well as develop other muscle groups that then better support and strengthen the common actions of the main sport. It is also beneficial to do more than one thing because it is common for one to become bored of an activity if that is all one does. Especially during times of injury, cross training gives you a chance to get your heart rate up without stressing the same body systems over and over again.

“Can’t Hurt Me” Book Review

I was recently on a road trip to California with some friends, and somehow our conversation topic landed on our futures, being successful, and then working hard in general. Two of my friends were both amazed with a common book they had read, “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins about putting in hard work and they mentioned it to me. Fast forward a couple of months and I am in English class, and I need a non-fiction book to read and analyze. This same book they had mentioned a couple of months ago came to mind and I thought I would give it a shot. And I was absolutely blown away. It is seriously one of my favorite non-fiction books!

“Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins is an autobiography focused on David’s journey from childhood abuse, through extreme military training, and finally onto becoming a super athlete and ultra-marathoner. David starts his life being physically and emotionally abused by his father. He runs away with his mother and struggles through middle school and high school. David is not super smart, but he somehow finds his way into Navy SEAL training. The rest of the book takes the reader through multiple Hell Weeks, military exercises, and ultramarathon successes and failures.

“Since that night in Hell Week, I’ve deployed the Taking Souls concept countless times. Taking Souls is a ticket to finding your own reserve power and riding a second wind. It’s the tool you can call upon to win any competition or overcome every life obstacle… Taking someone’s soul means you’ve gained a tactical advantage. Life is all about looking for tactical advantages, which is why we stole the Hell Week schedule, why we nipped Psycho’s heels on that run, and why I made myself in the surf, humming the Platoon theme song. Each of those incidents was an act of defiance that empowered us.” – pg. 120

David not only tells his story, but he teaches his audience how to become tough, hard-working, and how to “callous their mind” along the way. David uses his memories to describe his own journey towards becoming superhuman and to back up his advice for the reader. So, if you are interested at all in overcoming challenges, learning to be tough, being a better version of yourself, or even if you aren’t interested at all, I would still 100% recommend this book to you!