November 29, 2022


little me to old me

I’m sitting alone on the train, kids are screaming, very loud.
someone dancing for some money, and to make everyone’s day
on the train not talking to anyone because I did not have any friends
“Why don’t I try to make new friends
I should break out of this bubble.” 
talking to people and getting nervous 
because you need to interact so you can make friends. 
not trying to make a fool of yourself. 
“now I take the train with friends and always laugh and play around, and I’m not always alone”
I’m 15 years old and I hang out with my friends and play baseball,
practice for the games that we have in the future. 
“You have a lot of potential for this game. 
if we keep practicing 
we will be in one of the top teams one day.”

Improving Services for the MTA

The services for the MTA can be improved as it is inconsistent traditionally. Here is a video explaining the services and how it can be improved:

I am Pritam, the creator of the BetterMTA site. The purpose of the site is to address the issues of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). The reason for my selection of this topic is to address the issues regarding the great inconsistent MTA. The MTA is a transportation authority that allows people throughout all of NYC to travel amongst the city and to accomplish daily goals. This primarily interests myself and my group is due to the complications that we face getting to school. It is important to issue situational investments that we have upon the MTA.

Mayor de Blasio has invested in 1.8 billion dollars to help the struggling MTA. Different and creative methods are used to help modernize the subway system and assistance from the federal government is needed. Action is being taken, and we can soon hope for immediate improvements. As of 2018, issues regarding the MTA are statistically going down. Trains have become more reliable than before and the durability has gotten better.
The MTA has issued different types of initiatives to ensure the reduction in pollution, investments in transit systems, and improving air quality. There are still improvements, but success is closer.

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Zilker Park

Zilker Park has been around for a long time, it’s had a big impact on my childhood. There’s a lot of family events I’ve had at the park. When you go to Zilker Park you see a lot of green grass, trees, and bushes which I love. Once you’re out of your car you smell the fresh air and see people playing with their dogs. You’ll see children laughing and running around on the playscape. Sometimes there’s a man that dresses up like a clown and makes anything you’d like from a balloon. Right near the stairs to head down to the river there’s a train that goes around the park. You can get your tickets at the concession stand. Back to the river, that’s where people take their dogs to swim. There’s also people that’ll swim with the dogs. When you head down the stairs to the left you’ll see kayaks visitors can rent to go around the Colorado river. To the right you’ll see the Barton Springs Pool which isn’t as costly as people may think. The water is really cold! But on a hot summer day it’s refreshing–almost. The last time I went to Zilker park was with my baby’s father, his mom, little cousin, and nephew. We watched a play that took place on a hill facing a stage. It was a good play I loved it. Afterwards, we went to the concession stand/snack store that sells anything from soda/water, to nachos,pickles, hot dogs, chips, etc. We got watermelon flavored snow cones and headed home. One other fantastic memory I have at Zilker park was when I used to go to go kayaking along the river. The kayaks are inexpensive as well. They give you an hour or so with your kayak. You’re guaranteed to see amazing horizons along with ducks, and turtles along the way. I’d recommend going to Zilker Park for any kind of occasion whether it’s family functions, baby showers, or birthday parties. There’s something for everyone to do that likes to run around and be active. It’s a very open and happy environment.