December 4, 2022


Should Toy Guns Be Illegal?

Dear Future President,

An important issue that I care about is toy guns. I care about this issue because kids are buying a lot of toy guns these days and they are getting used to having guns. This might make them want to buy a real gun. Also now companies of toy guns are making more realistic toy guns that look,feel,and fire like a real one. Some examples of realistic toy guns are bb, airsoft, and another type that has foam darts.

In my experience, I have known some people who have gotten really hurt using airsoft and even Nerf guns. I personally used to have a huge collection of toy guns, most of them were Nerf. I broke them all because one day I let a good friend of mine play with a bb gun and he shot a pallet to a wall and the pallet bounced off the wall and injured his eye. He had to go to the hospital because of that, and today, he is blind in his left eye. I hope, Mr. President you can take control of this situation.


Photo by predatortactical