May 22, 2022


Breathe Life into Shakespeare

I chose Romeo’s line in Act V, Scene 3, Lines 111-120 of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  I chose this dialogue because it was part of a very powerful moment in the play when Romeo dies with the presumed to be dead Juliet.  This dialogue has a very serious tone due to the graveness of Romeo’s actions, and them being his last words spoken.  Romeo is extremely saddened and confused when he delivers these lines, because he believes Juliet is really dead when he sees her.  I took a shot at recording the lines in the attached audio recording below.

Tone, Inflection, and Articles

First recording, “I wish I could go there”

Second recording “That was so fun”

The last recording, reading an excerpt from the Cosmo Article

I felt pretty silly recording all of these recordings, it was something new and different that I’ve never really done. I’ve always been pretty comfortable with my tone and inflection because I have the tendency to be confident with my own voice. I chose to read for my last recording and excerpt from Cosmopolitan Magazine of 7 Signs he loves you by Claire Hodgson. It’s cute, flirty and fun which describes who I am.

Tone Adjustments

On my first recording I first tried wining, seductive, unimpressed, angry and shocked. On my second recording my tone was happy, creepy, demanding, genuine and unimpressed.

When I was recording, I immediately noticed that my tone had changed and that I wasn’t saying how I envisioned my voiced to be when I initially practice. I think unconsciously I got nervous when I began to get recorded and messed up my tone on the first couple of tries. I was not used to changing my tone so much because when I felt like I was changing my tone, it was almost as if I was telling a story. On each quote it felt like I was conveying a certain image.

On my third excerpt I quoted Haruki Murakami, Kafka On The Shore. It was a very beautiful quote that captured a nice image in my head so I thought it would be the best to recite.