October 6, 2022


What Effect does Screentime have on Children?

Screen time and its relationship to children is an issue I feel passionately about because it is something that is extremely prevalent in our society. Whenever I see small children spending time on devices, I always wonder what effect it will have on them later in life. I didn’t know very much about the issue before beginning research outside of being generally told that too much screen time is “bad”. After researching the topic more, I realize that screen time is an issue that can is affecting the health of more than just children and that it isn’t being discussed nearly as much as it should be.


How Do Sitcoms Reflect our Sense of Humor?

It might just be me, but I feel like my mother and I have totally different senses of humor. I prefer witty comebacks and snappy sex jokes, whereas my mother prefers her comedy to be a little more “slow”–where a situation builds up into something funny. One of the greatest ways to tickle your funny bone in America is to watch sitcoms. So why does my mom like “Cheers!” so much more than “How I Met Your Mother”? Why does she prefer that long form comedy more than short form? By looking at different articles and watching different clips from three sitcoms, I want to look at the differences between one sitcom from each decade from 1980 until now. There are also major differences–in romances, characters, protagonists and situations that the audience will find funny.


How Sitcoms Have Changed
The Ultimate Recipe for a “Good” Sitcom