October 4, 2022


What’s considered art nowadays?

In the article, “Is Digital Art Fake?” (Susannah, Mcgraw Hill) I learned that many people believe some things are considered art and some aren’t. In this article, many believe digital art isn’t really an art and is way easier to do. The author believes this is completely untrue which I also firmly believe. Whilst both have many different characteristics there are still challenges in both and are both time-worthy. You also have to understand how to use a computer and use different techniques both online and in person. 

I think these points are very true and that there is talent in both. Both have their challenges and aren’t as easy as many people think. You have to learn all the techniques of how to use brushes, pencils, and so much more. For online you have to understand how to blend things online and still add detail. There are so many aspects to both art and technology that it is a lot to learn. 

What are some other forms of art?