October 4, 2022


Description of a Child

Javonne is a 15 years old male, is African American and is at 10th grade. He is a little tall, with light skin. He is very respectful with the teachers in the classroom. He is always late for class, we can say that he comes late because his friends also come late (they come to class together).

His situation is a bit worrying since the majority of times he does not feel motivated to do his classwork or homework. He has said many times that he doesn’t care if he get a 55 as his grade, but when his mother intervenes, he feels sad. He shows at that moment the desire to improve since he don’t want to disappoint his mother.

At every class, I had to sit with him and work with him to push him a little more, and motivate him to complete the assignments in class. He demonstrates that he don’t like reading or writing, when he seems that the activities are based on reading and writing even reading questions, and writing response he gets bored, stands aside and does nothing. When I sit with him, I read the materials to him, and explain to him, he then respond with beautiful answers, with awesome answers, even much better than his peers that a lot of them have a better academic standing.

However, in our science class, when we have fun physical activities or games, he is very active and participates so joyful. I notice that Javonne get inspired by his friends, but most of them they do their work in class, except Javonne and Carlos who is the closest to Javonne. Usually, we need to intervene both of them together because they show same attitudes at the same time in class.