August 17, 2022



In the article, “Summer Job Edition” (btw) I learned about where it is best to look for jobs since many students try to look for work in the summer so it is better to look for jobs online. He also talked about what we should be prepared with with some references from past work. We have to think outside the box, since we can create our own business and start something during the summer in order to have an income. And always consider taking jobs related to what you want to do in the future, whether you want to be a vet, look for things related to that for example, you can take care of dogs and walk them as a job.

What is a job that you wish you could work at?

I think this is a very good article as it helps too much for people who want to have a job during the summer. This article gives very good tips to try to find jobs. I think a lot of people would find it helpful to read an article like this if they are interested in finding summer jobs and earning an income.

What to consider when looking for summer jobs?

In the article, “CAREERS: Summer Job Edition”, I learned that if you are looking for summer jobs, it’s important to keep your mind open to possibilities and to be flexible. There are jobs and opportunities everywhere you just need to keep your options open like asking for summer availability in particular businesses or even walking around where you live and looking for Help Wanted signs. Sometimes you just need to apply to places and create a full resume or list of references. It’s important that your list of references are able to vouch for your character and what type of worker you are.

At the end of the day you don’t have to work at a typical summer job if you don’t want to. You can look for more unusual or entertaining jobs that will make you feel a lot better about working. You can always think outside the box and even start your own type of work for the summer so that you don’t have to work for people. You can also think into the future when looking for summer jobs and try to find a job that can give you experience in the type of career field you are interested in.

Park, Pizza and Paletas




As we sit eating our paletas and pizza

As I watch her giggle on a swing for the first time

Shed a tear

As we sang her first birthday song to her

As I walked at nine months pregnant anxiously awaiting her birth


As Grace and Alfalfa tug at their leash running for a squirrel

As a bee chased me for my paleta de melon

Many years of memories

Packed into this park

Down on Mearns Meadow

This place will always give me a spark

It’s Not Summer Without You

I.S.O Nikki Giovanni

summers are everlasting but
i’ve learned to love the days
spent in the sun with
my mother soaking in the
rays of light absorbed
into my face as I sip on
ice water that I feel
running through my body
as cold as the winter night
that I will face in
the months that follow


Summer, where are you?


Oh summer, oh summer where are you?

It’s been already three months, where are you?

The grass is still green but the sky is a bit blue.

The whether is still beautiful but who knew?

Oh summer, oh summer, where are you?


I hear the birds chirping on the trees,

The water stream running down,

The yellow buzz of the annoying bees.

And the ice cream truck that goes ’round town.

Oh summer, oh summer, where are you?


I can taste the grilled hot dogs on the grill,

Smell the burned kabobs in the oven,

And feel the drips of my own sweat while I have a thrill.

We’re only waiting for you while everyone is lovin’.

Oh summer, oh summer, where are you?