December 7, 2022


Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell Book Review

For my independent reading book, I chose Outliers: Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. I decided to read this book because I have been interested in the author for a while. I thought that the idea of success in my life could’ve used a refreshing, new outlook.

I have enjoyed this book so far. The different ideas presented have kept me interested; it doesn’t just talk about one occupation; Malcolm uses evidence from various lifestyles and backgrounds to support the claim that “outliers don’t come naturally.”

The main ideas are that while people work hard to succeed in life, there are certain instances where success only comes to a few people based on random things. Some people aren’t given the same opportunities, which end up, making or breaking their chances of going somewhere in life.

Malcolm’s writing style throughout the book comes from an informative and relatable tone that allows the reader to understand the complexities of his theory while also giving some personal anecdotes that make the reader engage in the book itself.

The quote I state in my audio file gives an excellent example of what the writing style can do to pull the reader in; it is from the introduction, and it was the line that got me into the book.

As I said at the end of my review, I hope you all get a chance to read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, it is a great book, and I am very excited to continue it! Malcolm has shown that he is capable of making a writing style consistent throughout the book, so far, I have noticed many details that make a clear theme.

Failure is part of your success.

Let me know what you think.

Foster Care System (Can I get feedback on my thesis statement)

Dear Youth Voices Community,

Hello, my name is Christy-Lynn Lagula. I am 16 years old and I am an 11th grader at Fremont High School. I am currently doing a junior research project on the Foster care system. So far I feel like I’m being successful with finding reliable statistics.

This is my current thesis statement about the Foster care system: The current foster care system does not provide adequate support to foster children exiting the system that would allow them to have a successful future.

In order for my thesis to be considered proficient, I have to have a focused and debatable statement about a social inequity issue. My thesis will help guide how I read my sources and conduct my field research. I would greatly appreciate your feedback and help on my thesis statement as it is written so far.


Christy-lynn Lagula

Fremont High School

Architecture & Design Academy

Class of 2019

Why I´m Ambitious As Hell


Goal Digger

Goal Driven

Goal Seeker

Success is all I wish for

Doing good is what I pray for

It’s not being selfish

It’s the desire of being successful

Wanting it all, and getting it all

All from hard work

I do it for myself and those who support me

Failure will never be accepted

Fame,Wealth and Power will never be my main objective

Striving for the best will be my method

I cannot afford to loose

When my immigrant parents have tried given me everything

To win and become successful

Struggles will occur but they’ll be part of my victories

I was taught to fight for my dreams

And not make excuses

Self motivation and determination is all I will need

To reach success

What Drives Success?

     What is theone thing that drive success in our world? Success is everywhere around us varying in all types of ways. We see it in academics, athletics, politics and even in a social atmosphere. A proven way to drive success is motivation. Highly successful people are extremely motivated to succeed. They are confident and never afraid to push boundaries and go above and beyond. Everybody has some type of motivation, just all of them vary. There is a drive for money, respect, to improve life, or simply to just be great. I want to know what motivates you, and how that motivation has translated into success. How do you get and keep motivation.Writers from stated some of the keys to success are making reachable goals, surrounding yourself with good people, focus on your weak points, but most importantly stay positive with everything about yourself. Do you find that these strategies help? Once you’ve done these steps you need to find what drives you. Forbes writer Glenn Llopis says the most common reasons for people driven to success are impact, leadership, relevance, setting up for future, but most importantly happiness.  It may even be just your nature, and the thrill of competition and satisfaction of winning. A study by students at the University of Minnesota found that people did better on projects then going against people than working with. So what category do you fall under, do you work to win, are contempt with who you are, or do you create your own category? Please leave comments about what your techniques to success are and what motivates you everyday

Hard work beats talent!

I have started a new book by the name of Keeper by Mal Peet. From what I have read, I know that a little boy, coming from a very poor family/home, and with no skills whatsoever at the sport of soccer, grows up to win a very important trophy. Of course, the trophy is won from a very important soccer tournament a.k.a The World Cup.

The story begins with “El Gato”, sitting with the famous journalist, Paul Faustino, beginning the story of how a humble young boy grew up to be one of the world’s best goalkeepers. He states how he had first started playing with his “friends” in the neighborhood, and how he would always be the last pick due to his lack of skill.  

Some people will grow up in a hard, rough situation, but when you give your dedication and time, you will succeed. Although there may be tough obstacles or disadvantages, hard work always wins. I am really interested to see what is further to come in this book!

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