December 1, 2022


Native Americans & Substance Abuse

I have decided to study substance abuse in Native Americans. Native Americans have a common background on drinking and tended to use alcohol as a way to cope and heal. Since Native Americans were packed onto reservations, some people began to lose power and traditional roles they originally had. According to the Continuum Recovery Center, ¬®Reservations had inadequate housing, poor nutrition and unreliable utilities.¬® It also states how there is a lack of health services and mental health treatment on the reservations. This led to a lot of depression, anxiety,  people either abusing alcohol or commiting suicide. I chose this research topic because I wanted to see why drinking is a result for most Natives and I also wanted to see what people are doing to try to help them.

There are many rehabilitation centers and programs that offer help to Native Americans. The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program gives Natives access to behavioral health services and also provides education and treatment services. This is a very good program because they provide things that Native Americans didn’t have on the reservations. Some Native Americans don’t get help by choice, they are sent to rehabs due to a court order. I personally feel like if  Native Americans didnt have to deal with poverty, social isolation, and a lack of healthcare, than they wouldnt have problems with abusing alcohol and commiting suicide.

A One Year Old Grave


On this day that is supposed to bring love and cheer,

I sit down, crying, on this Lunar New Year,

A day that is filled with family and friends

I am here alone waiting for things to commence

The praying and sorrow that is felt, oh dear

Someone please com save me on this Lunar New Year

The family is gone and broken

The friends that will forever remain unspoken

Hands wiping at my heart broken face

I guess it’s only me and my faith

The faith that will slowly go away

But there is something that will always remain

The Lunar New Year that will come again

However, it will not be on 02/08

For this stays a wretched date that will only remind us of a one-year-old grave.

R.I.P Tio.