October 4, 2022


Overcoming Obstacles

In the article, “Athlete with Down Syndrome Completes Ironman Triathlon” (McGraw Hill) I learned that an individual named Chris Nikic who is an athlete with Down Syndrome completed one of the most difficult athletic courses there is. This triathlon which was hosted in Panama City Beach consisted of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile run. Nikic was victorious and completed this course within sixteen hours and 46 minutes. 

This is a very incredible accomplishment for anyone let alone an individual who faces difficult challenges. This journey was followed by thousands of people through social media which is always a way to spread awareness and invite people into your life to motivate and support. Through the power of social media, there was a spread of Down Syndrome awareness which was a very amazing outcome and great motive for Nikic to continue to complete the athletic course. 

How does this accomplishment motivate you to overcome your obstacles? 

Why I´m Ambitious As Hell


Goal Digger

Goal Driven

Goal Seeker

Success is all I wish for

Doing good is what I pray for

It’s not being selfish

It’s the desire of being successful

Wanting it all, and getting it all

All from hard work

I do it for myself and those who support me

Failure will never be accepted

Fame,Wealth and Power will never be my main objective

Striving for the best will be my method

I cannot afford to loose

When my immigrant parents have tried given me everything

To win and become successful

Struggles will occur but they’ll be part of my victories

I was taught to fight for my dreams

And not make excuses

Self motivation and determination is all I will need

To reach success