November 27, 2022


My Fairy tale Remix of The Princess and the Pea




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Intro to my fairy tale remixes The Princess and the Pea.
I remixed The Princess and the Pea making it much longer and I had an alternate ending. The Princess and the Pea is about a princess who is stuck outside on a rainy night and gets welcomed into the home of the king and queen when they found her outside. When she gets welcomed into the home of the king and queen the queen doubted the princess, not believing she was a real princess. To make sure she was a real princess she put a pea under 20 eider beds and waited until the morning. The queen knew that only a princess would be as sensitive as to leave the pea under the 20 eider beds. When the princess woke up she told the queen that she slept terribly and now that the queen knew that she was a real princess she allowed the prince to propose to her. However, in my alternate ending the princess told the queen that she slept good and with that she left the palace right after she changed into clean clothes with the prince never proposing to her. The process to making this animation was very hard. First I had to make a script that had to be revised over and over again to fit the constraints and design specification I needed to meet in order to complete this animation. I also had to create multiple storyboards making backdrops and editing characters in order to sketch out my animation. The process of making the actual animation was very challenging. There was a lot of coding involved and I had to make sure the timing was perfect and make sure I included everything including their movements.
Here is the link to my script and storyboards

The Young Thief and His Mother Remixed

This project was assigned to my class, the purpose for it being to see our programming skills when making an animation where the viewer is allowed some interactivity with the animation. The interactivity in the animation is the following: by choosing a short story where the main character makes a clear moral decision between only two options, the viewer is allowed to choose what decision the main character will make and see how that decision plays out.

The short story I chose is titled, “The Young Thief and His Mother,” by Aesop, a story about how the consequences of a mother not reprimanding her son for stealing as a young child leads to him being executed as an adult. The reason I chose this story is because due to the original decision and original outcome both being simple in theory, I was able to have my own creativity show when I was making the outcome of the alternate ending.

During the process of making this animation, I decided to divide my work process based on which section I was working (the context to set up the moral decision made by the main character a.k.a. Act I, the outcome of the original decision a.k.a. Act IIA, and the outcome of the alternate ending a.k.a. Act IIB). This made the process of programming the animation significantly easier.

This project as a whole was really enjoyable because I got to learn more about viewer interactivity through the process of animating a story that had caught my interest.

Here is the link to the script I used in making this project!

Below are the Storyboards made on StoryboardThat to assist in making this project:

Below is the actual Scratch animation I made!

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