June 26, 2022


Research paper: GMO

The use of Genetically modified organisms in food and crop production has been a heated debate. Some people say that we should use GMO’s because they can help yield more crops. They can also grow crops that are resistant to drought, pests, and cold temperatures. There are also scientists who say that the use of Gmo’s can let farmers be able to grow crops with fewer environmentally damaging pesticides. There are arguments on how the further advancement, research and use of these GMO’s can help feed the world’s growing population because the GMO’s can help grow more crops that are bigger and also seem to be safe to eat.

There are counter arguments however. The farmers who use these practices have also seemed to use more pesticides and also the use of these GMO’s can lead to pesticide and herbicide resistant weeds that can harm the harvest of farmers. There also hasn’t been enough research that shows without a doubt that the GMO produced food is one hundred percent safe to eat and doesn’t have a long term study done to prove anything.