June 30, 2022


Why am I scared of clowns?

Well let’s start off with saying that clowns are scary and not really there for us. Clowns are supposed to be fun and amazing. In my opinion clowns are scary and very useless.

I’ve had so many bad experiences with them that they have just scared me for life, beginning with, the cosmetics of a clown might be disturbing. It conceals not only the individual’s appearance but also their emotions. Worse, the clown’s makeup might send mixed signals, such as when the clown has a painted-on smile but is frowning. And then there is the makeup itself, which is strange. The big lips and brows distort its face, making it appear human but somewhat off to the brain. The strangeness is amplified by the clown’s weird clothing.

The attack of this phobia is similar to any other phobia attack or anxiety. One of the biggest side effects was not being able to breath and closing up in the chest. The ways people close up are so different from an anxiety attack. In anxiety you feel like you don’t know what you are doing, but with this, you feel very scared and afraid of the thing that is alive to you. Clowns are not the ideal thing to make someone happy or make them feel better about themselves.

Now, an example on why I am scared of clowns: Well, middle school me watching the news and seeing that there are killer clowns going around and chasing people and or hurting them. I was so terrified and this gave me the worst feeling ever! This is the time I would really reflect on clowns even if they really don’t have a purpose.

Are Ghosts Real?

 ghost photoI already know that ghosts are scientifically not proven to exist, but there’s been millions of stories about encounters with beings of the third dimension. I believe ghosts are real because of the way people say things like, “my dead mother visited me last night.” I believe they exist because I have always felt as though something was with me in certain moments. For example a friend who unexpectedly passed away visits me when I’m playing soccer. I think that if a spirit hasn’t accomplished their purpose in life by the time they pass away, they don’t go on to heaven and stay until they consider the job done.

Do other people feel the same way as I do? I know lots of people who do, but they’re apart of my community. I want to know if there’s a common belief that ghosts exist on a global scale. I also want to know if it could be related to extraterrestrials, because there are also many accounts of an otherworldly being.


Live Science – Are Ghosts Real?

“2013 Harris Poll found that 43 percent of Americans believe in ghosts.”

“Ghost experiencers, “did not see something that approximated the conventional image of a ‘ghost.’ Instead, many of [the] respondents were simply convinced that they had experienced something uncanny — something inexplicable, extraordinary, mysterious, or eerie.”

“Albert Einstein suggested a scientific basis for the reality of ghosts, based on the First Law of Thermodynamics: if energy cannot be created or destroyed but only change form, so what happens to our body’s energy when we die?”


UFOs, Cryptids & Ghosts: Branches of the Same Tree?

“Trans-personal psychology and theoretical physics, most of today’s experts are still married to the same assumptions in their respective fields.” 

“Quantum mechanics all pointed to a single explanation: multiple parallel worlds, an open system with relatively free exchanges of energy and, at times, inhabitants.”

“‘Ghosts’ weren’t dead people but actual people living in parallel worlds that happened to intersect ours at certain times, places and states.”

After research, I’ve concluded that ghosts are in fact real, but only if you choose to believe so. Since there is no physical proof that ghosts or aliens exist, we can not scientifically prove anything about them. But, by using logical thinking, it gives us strong “hopes” that they do in fact exist. They may not exist in the traditional view of them being a white mystifying being, but maybe they’re an exchange of energy between particles that exist in different parallel universes. Many people who have lost loved ones swear on the presence of that loved one as a “ghost” or being. I like to think that ghosts are real, because then maybe I won’t be as scared of them.
Photo by Sabrina Campagna Live Music Photographer