December 1, 2022


Have We Become Too Reliant on Electronics?

Have we become too reliant upon our electronics? There are many different arguments that support this question and there are those who oppose it. This could honestly go either way, there are so many good things and an almost equal number of bad things that can be brought about by electronics. It also depends upon how much electronics play into certain people’s lives because it could influence their opinions or their arguments towards this topic.

What do you think? Are you too reliant on electronics? Or are they a good thing in your life?

In my personal opinion, I do think that we have become too reliant on our electronics. I understand that there are certain electronic things that we need in order to keep the world running and keep businesses and schools operating. There are also certain things that are not considered a necessity but rather a want or desire. These said wants or desires tend to become very controlling in our daily lives and nobody seems to notice.