June 28, 2022


Why I’m LaidBack As Hell

Laid Back As Hell

It’s effortless to be laidback

Especially when nothing

No Words

No One

Can get in your mind to make you feel declined

It’s complicated

Especially, for a young male who is very dedicated

Didn’t care If someone made a mistake

Doesn’t change the fact,

That they turned out fake

Number one purpose is myself

My reputation

Easy for a high school boy to notice,

So when people turn fake

I was not mad

Definitely not sad

I was glad.

An important lesson taught

I felt

Careless and laidback

Myself and my mentality is what matters

Before and After

Must stay laidback.

510, 94606

I am from two

Stuck in between because I don’t fit in any shoe
I am from simple rhymes
That go no further than the human eyes

I am from the 510, 94606, spelled out as the city of Oak-L-A-N-D,
Where people sting like bees asking who you are and what you want to be,
I respond with, “I am nobody, I am nobody yet.”

I am from a heart-broken mother,
Struggling to breathe, as darkness comes to bother,
I am from a father,
Short-tempered but trying hard to understand that as he eats and sleeps so easily,
my mother cannot as she has lost her Hermano.

I am from 8 shots and he’s found dead under a car,
Half-Brother in hiding as I am holding my heart,
For my heart will break if I let out a!…
I am from where I can not let out anything,
If I do my mother will break and cry too.

I am from a place where I am a big sister,
She asks, “Why don’t I feel sad enough to cry?’
I say, “You are still innocent and pure with no pent up feelings that will lead you to a sigh.”

I am from either getting no attention or too much,
It is sweet like Bunch-A-Crunch yet sour like a school lunch.

I am from where I am,
Where I am is where I wish to see happiness.

I am from African decent,
Nobody knows it but I am proud to represent.

I am from a Mexican family that has been oppressed,
But I continue to be an 01 liner that is blessed.