October 5, 2022


NYC Clinics Reflection

The goal of our project was to raise awareness and improve the quality of clinics in New York City, a problem that has been around for a long period of time. Our project has been moderately successful in spreading the message about our cause because a few people found our work sublime.

Our project is more successful on social media than on our actual blog. This is made extremely apparent because not only does our Instagram page have more followers, but each post also has more comments than our blog on WordPress. The number of people who follow us on our Instagram page is 17, not including our own accounts. However, the number of people following us on our blog page is only 4. This may be because more people gravitate towards the use of social media than blogs and personal websites.

As for people who comment under our Instagram posts compared to people who comment on our blog posts, we have never gotten any comments under our blog posts. This is interesting considering that our Instagram posts always bring in at least a couple of views and comments per post even though a lot of our posts are simply previews of our blog posts.

As we can see from the information presented above, we did have moderate success in spreading our message even though our promotional Instagram was much more popular than our blog page. It had more views, likes, and comments than our blog had which was probably a result of the popularity that Instagram has compared to WordPress. In order to improve the results of our project, I would encourage more people to sign our petition and would tell our followers to visit our blog page more.