December 3, 2022


Employees or Not?: Gig workers

In the article, “Are Gig Workers Employees?” (Upfront, Grise, 2021) I learned that people who worked jobs such as Uber, Lyft, and similar jobs are starting to want to be considered employees and not just as temporary workers. These types of jobs rely on independent workers who choose when they want to work. Although some of these independent workers enjoy the flexibility that comes with working these types of jobs, more than half of these workers were worried about not making ends meet. The reason for this is that these independent workers don’t receive all of the benefits that most employees receive. Now workers are fighting for these benefits, and want to be treated as real employees and not just as independent workers. The reason why this has become a big issue is that nearly 50% of Gen Z was reported taking on freelance work in 2020.

My take on this issue is that it depends on how dedicated these workers are to taking on these types of jobs. If someone just does it as a side hustle and only works every now and then, then I don’t think they should receive the same benefits as an employee would, such as sick days and all that type of stuff. This is because it would make it harder for the companies to keep track of when they start and stop working. However, for the people who are dedicated and actually take on these jobs as full-time jobs, I think that they should receive the benefits that employees receive, because it is their full-time job, and would benefit them more.

Do you think gig workers should be considered employees?

Police Brutality vs. Equality

Race has always been a big factor in the type of life you have in America. Most minorities have gone through many struggles to continue a life in America. Americans and African American continue to live separately, with unequal treatment from the government. “Every one of our systems in America has been impacted—infected, in fact—in some significant way by these racial disparities and these racial inequalities,” says Yohuru Williams, a civil rights scholar at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.

People of color are in a constant battle to keep their lives due to minor inconveniences with government officials. This has been going on for 400 years, but it is more normalized now. Black people have had to live with constantly being suppressed. Today, nearly 80 percent of people in federal prison for drug offenses are Black or Latinx even though studies show that people of all races use and sell drugs at similar rates.

Why children shouldn’t be expected to save the whole world

(Or why child protests ain’t really the best)

The fact that children are protesting is not a problem, per se. The real issue comes in two parts: That adults aren’t, and that nothing is changing. The real issue comes in the fact that children have to be protesting, that this generation is so thoroughly disillusioned by the future that they can no longer be and act as children. The real issue is that children are exposed to so much stress all the time.

I care about this issue because I am a child, and I am stressed and worried and damn near hopeless about the future. I wish I did not have to be, but the facts are that the climate is being wrecked, facism is on the rise, the wage gap is becoming fully unsurmountable, and so, so, so many other things are all happening at once. How can we not protest? 

Children are impacted by this issue the most. On the surface level, the protests themselves take them out of school, halting their learning, possibly lowering their grades, thus making school a little harder and a little more stressful. But digging deeper, the need to protest, the constant stress of knowing that you should be out there doing something is driving more and more children to drugs, and to getting depression or anxiety. The future is scary, and unlike most children’s fear of growing up, we have evidence to back us up.

Depression is on the rise in teens. But why? According to US News & World Report, “this generation knows all too well the fear of terrorism. Whether it be a lone shooter or mass terrorist attack, our nation’s youth have come to know and live with violence in their lives.” This is just one of the reasons, others including a lack of sleep, overstimulation, and other uncertain times, but the fact that even this exists is madness. Children live in fear of random violence in the US, and so we protest. We protest Parkland, we remember columbine, and we march for our lives. “I should be writing my college essay, not my will”. (Washington Post). And this is just one of the so, so many issues facing youth today. And yet, things haven’t changed. “There are a number of states where new measures are being discussed or debated, but few have signed any such measures into law.” (ABC News). Only 4 states have passed anything. Florida, where Parkland occurred, Oregon and Washington, both of them liberal pacific northwest states which have had 5 and 14 mass shootings in the last 20 years respectively, and Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union. The rest are either still debating, or not doing anything at all. Its disillusioning to see all these people protest, and then nothing happens. Why must children protest for their own lives and then be ignored? Why can people not realize that the only acceptable amount of children shot to death at school is ZERO? Other people need to talk, people with more pull, more resources, more influence than children. Other people need to speak up and say that none of us should be dying. None.

The fact that this is a fairly new problem means there really haven’t been any solutions attempted on the macro scale. These problems, some new like climate change, and some old like facism, are all happening at once, and we can know about all of it due to the widespread info pile that is the internet. On smaller scales, the general concept of mental health days, trying to limit your exposure to the news, and other such things have been suggested, but there’s not been a coordinated effort to limit the amount of stress children are under.

My idea for a solution would just be getting people to realize how much, truly how much stress kids are under these days. School steals hours upon hours of your day, sometimes more than a standard workday if you include homework. Kids are getting less sleep, and then on top of those the whole world is slowly dying and social progress is being rolled back at an ever-increasing rate. Getting people to realize this, and then possibly trying to reduce it in the ways we can, by limiting exposure to news & lessening homework amounts, could honestly do wonders.

More research I would need to do to further my understanding of this topic would be to just read more news about child protests in all areas of protest, and to look at the change in laws both locally and worldwide to see if I can form a correlation between the protests and actual change.

Feel free to add to the discussion in the comments below 🙂

Middle East: The Opression of its Women

The issue that is discussed in the video is the oppression of women residing in the Middle East. I’m passionate about this issue because in western countries, such as America or the United Kingdom’s have made great strides changing age old laws to help women and have helped women achieve the same opportunities that men have. However, it’s infuriating to see that women aren’t treated as equals or even as human beings in Middle Eastern countries. That whole region is living in the dark ages. Many people usually ignore the serious injustices happening over in the Middle East, but it’s time to shine light on a problem that is only making small improvements.

      I knew about many of the horrible laws women in the Middle East are subjected to by their government. Saudi Arabia is notorious for keeping their women chained up and more or less as property. By law, women in Saudi Arabia must wear a burqa and hijab outside, they must be accompanied by their husbands or male relatives when outside, they aren’t allowed to own property by themselves, they must have permission from their ex-husbands if they want to marry again, when divorced they have no ownership of their kids, etc. If any of this happened in America, riots would be happening everyday. After I did my research and made that video, I learned how the oppression of women came to be so severe in the Middle East. I learned about how politics were the reason that the Middle East is in the state it is in today. The research opened my eyes to the many ways women are starting to fight back against their oppressors and what change they’ve been able to obtain so far.

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Students S(it)tanding Together

On March 14, 2018, students all across the country walked out of their schools at 10:00 AM in order to protest gun laws that are practiced in the USA. Students at Carman Ainsworth High School in Flint, MI decided to have a sit in at 10:00 instead of walking out of school due to rumors about the consequences. Of course, administrators thought that students weren’t going to protest and if we did they had radical views about what they thought would happen. But, their expectations didn’t meet reality. Students went and sat in the 100 Hall for 17 mins after 10:00 and it went peacefully. Some decided not to participate which was fine since it didn’t outweigh the number of students that did. It’s good to feel like you’ve “walked” with students all around the country all fighting for a great cause. “If we are to reach real peace in this world… we shall have to begin with children,” Mahatma Gandhi. Students in today’s world are sick of the conservative ways of the USA and the change begins with us. You should never feel like you can’t organize an event in order to protest something you feel strong about. And never feel like people aren’t paying attention, because even if their opinions are negative, they still cared enough to comment on your actions. The time for youth is now, and there’s strength in numbers! Y(our) voices should be heard and they will be. The time is now for us to recreate history!