December 2, 2022


What does a US ban on Russian oil accomplish?

Article summary goes here: A full restriction on Russian imports would need to include the U.S and European countries as if just the U.S bans Russian imports, it wouldn’t do enough to the Russian economy. All of Europe needs to be included as the majority of Russia’s natural gas goes to Europe. If Europe does agree to this we should see gas prices around $5.00 and that would be the cheapest you could find it. The German chancellor has no plans to join in this ban as it would completely ruin their economy. But if Russia does get cut off then countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia get introduced back into the global oil market. Europe needs to cut off Russia but the chances of that happening are so slim. The article puts it perfectly, “Replacing the natural gas that Russia provides to Europe is likely impossible in the short term. Most of the natural gas Russia provides to Europe travels through pipelines. To replace it, Europe would mostly import liquefied natural gas, known as LNG. The continent doesn’t have enough pipelines to distribute gas from coastal import facilities to farther reaches of the continent.”

US Lowering Drug Pricing

With Congress considering legislation to allow Medicare to use its bargaining power to negotiate lower drug prices, large pharmaceutical companies are once again waging a campaign that contends that doing so would seriously harm the development of breakthrough drugs. This is not true. Smaller companies now account for the lion’s share of such breakthroughs. The key to supporting drug innovation is to increase NIH funding of the efforts that give rise to these new companies, cut the costs and accelerate the speed of clinical trials, and reform patent law.

In our day and age, smaller companies have begun to make more of an impact, using a fraction of the money that big pharmaceutical companies make and have. Congress is acknowledging the impact of high drug prices on the older population of the United States, while also attempting to make it more accessible for all. They have continued to raise the prices on many life-saving drugs, including insulin, which causes people to go into debt, ration their supply, and cause serious harm to themselves all because these companies are money hungry and charging more than is necessary.

Is pork going to be more expensive than beef?

In the aricle that I read titled “Higher Pork Prices Coming?” I learned that California approved a proposition ( in specific Proposition 12, The farm animal confinement proposition) that it is required more space for breeding pigs, it sounds great and everything but the bad thing about this proposition is that just 4% of the hog farmers in the entire country of the United States meet the New Standards, that means that in California we are on danger of lose all of our pork supply and those are not good news for restaurants, farmers and people in general because it is going to be difficult or impossible for the restaurants to keep their prices the same especially those that use more pork than anything else. This new also affect the people that live in California because as it says in the article that I have read, the prices of pork could rise as double as before and that is unacceptable pork is one of the more used kind of meat in the country and the world.

What do you think about it? is it going to affect the prices of restaurants and groceries stores significantly?

Things might never be the same in Oakland…

How is gentrification affecting Oakland’s rent prices? Why are Landlords raising the prices of our rents? Have we done anything to stop this? People in Oakland have to move because they can’t afford to live here anymore. Some people even live in their very own vehicles, just because rents are growing outrageously high, and people and community members can take action to lower rent in Oakland


People who have lived in Oakland for a long time are starting to move out because they can’t afford it. Elena Hernandez is credible because she is currently living with her parents and she wishes to move out, but she can’t move nearby because she can’t afford to live here on her own. I asked Elena some questions on gentrification with rents going higher in Oakland. The first question I asked was if she pays rent or is she buying her own home, and she responded with “I live with my parents” (Hernandez).To add on, in an interview with a college student that currently lives in Oakland she explained, “It is pushing us out of Oakland, the prices are outrageous as is” (Hernandez), and I  asked her, “what do you think about rents going higher in Oakland?” After I asked her how the city could lower the rent, but she had responded with, “Increase the minimum pay but do not increase anything else”(Hernandez). I had asked her “What can we do as a community do to lower our rent?” She responded, “Vote and be involved with our city council so we can make a difference” (Hernandez). Likewise, I had interviewed Victor Canela; he is 16. He lives with his parents, and was willing to get interviewed by me. One of the questions that I had asked him was, Therefore, people that are more wealthy are moving in, moreover, people that are less wealthy are moving out.


One example of activism around rent in Oakland is in the article, News, Bay City. “Protesters shut down Oakland city council meeting.” This was video talking about how Xan West the person who gathered a group of people that are fighting for the same rights as her had went to a city council meeting to make sure they’re voices get heard. She had said “I know it’s illegal, but we need to make sure our voices get heard” (Kim). They managed to stop the meeting and the city was listening. They did a risk taking move even if it was illegal they are doing their best to try to get them to lower our rent, not just there’s but everyone’s rent especially to the people that are thinking of moving out because rent is just too much for them. Withal being said, This website shows how can fighting for what’s right can do in this occasion this group of people is fighting because they’re rent is growing so much. Another example of activism about oakland schools, in the website by Barua, Trisha, and Alex Werth. “Oakland School » Gentrification.” Oakland School RSS, 7 May 2016. This website explains that Oakland is in the midst of rapid and contested social and spatial change. This website mainly talks about Oakland and that’s something I was interested talking about gentrification in Oakland. Furthermore, it talks about how Oakland turns into a center of media attention and capital investment.


Some people might say that it’s good for the city to raise rent prices. For example, when interviewing a friend, I asked him “What do you think about rent going higher in Oakland?” That’s when everything got interesting, his answer, Victor Canela explained, ”I think that it can help the violence because it would bring in more modern people and it would be kicking out violent people” (Canela). That had me shocked for a second. I believe that if I had asked anyone else that question,  not many people would answer the same way. This shows how people actually want it the same. This also connects back to one of Elena Hernandez answer from when I Interviewed her. When I had asked Elena the same question as Victor, she said,“Yes, its too expensive which increases theft and burglary.” That had me wondering, Since there’s lots of violence that could be a reason that they may be increasing the rents.


To conclude, the community believes that gentrification in Oakland should lower the rent prices since they are raising way too much for most people that can’t afford their own place in Oakland anymore.



Annotated Bibliography


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I asked Elena some questions on gentrification with rents going higher in Oakland  . My first question I asked was if she pays rent or is she buying her home and she responded with “I live with my parents”. Then I asked her, what do you think about rent going higher in Oakland   but she had told me, “It is pushing us out of Oakland  , the prices are outrageous as is”. After I had asked her that how could the city lower the rent, but she had responded with, “Increased the minimum pay but do not increase anything else. I had asked some thing to get her thinking more of the situation and I asked Do you think people move out because they can’t afford to live here anymore? Why or why not? Elena had responded to me with “Yes, its too expensive which increases theft and burglary.” Therefore, that got me thinking how does increasing the rents equal more thefts and burglary? But I wasn’t sure myself. Then I moved on with my next question and I had asked her What can we do as a community do to lower our rent? She said, “Vote and be involved with our city council so we can make a difference.” In my mind im like wow what  brilliant idea, I wouldn’t of thought of that but maybe because she’s older and and im younger. Moving forward my last question was If you had the ability to change the rents would you make it be expensive or cheap? And why? Her answer was interesting and unique, she had said, “I would make rent cheaper to keep those people who have lived here for decades.” I actually Agree with her how about people that have been here for longer, some of them are actually are moving out for that reason.


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Xan west had started a protest to shut down a Oakland   city council meeting and they have succeeded in shutting it down, but they said that they did it to get their voices heard.