November 28, 2022


Post Office Trouble?

In the article, “Post Office Panic,” I learned that with this Covid-19 pandemic going around, it is delaying deliveries at the postal office. The post office delivers paychecks, medicines, and online products are being delayed due to the current situation we are in. Also, in the past decade alone, 30% of mail agencies have decreased upon their financial outcome. Despite inflated their stamp rate from 33 cents to now 55 cents per stamp, they are still having financial problems. The global pandemic can also result in the presidential election. If voters can’t get in their votes on time due to the post office, a lot can change due to a delay.

I think what is happening with the post office is huge. It is frustrating that important incoming mail is being delayed to a crisis such as Covid-19. This can delay any product you have recently purchased and with the Presidential election in November. It can change the number of votes a person running for office receives.

How can post office troubles be solved?

Trump suggests injection of “disinfectant” for COVID-19?

With the current pandemic of COVID-19, our president, Donald Trump has come out to the media to update us various times on the situation.

On Thursday, April 23rd Trump shocked the world in suggesting a use of powerful cleaning agents to possibly cure the Coronavirus.

When asked how we could possibly do this he stated “through injection possibly” and then stated he has always said, “ask the CDC for what we should be doing.”

This isn’t the first time Mr. Trump has recommended an incorrect cure for COVID-19. Last month he recommended hydroxychloroquine as a possible cure for the virus. The result of that ended with the death of an elderly man.

Many companies who provide disinfectants came out to state it is not safe at all to ingest or inject disinfectants of any kind. Doing so could result in hospitalization and possibly even death.

An interesting quote found on The New York Times read, “It has taken a pandemic to expose this movement and the ways that pseudoscience scammers use social media and fear to sell their products.”

Countless numbers of scammers promoting fake cures and/or tests have been found on social media, in person, and busted by the police. Unfortunately, some people look at this period of time and instead of trying to help they decide to take advantage of people and their loved ones.

It is sad because there becomes a gap of distrust between society and the groups putting full effort into creating tests and cures.

Who am I?

  I am Abraham Lincoln

I’m Abraham Lincoln I born on February 12/ 1809 I’m from Hodgenville, Kentucky. I grew up on the western frontier in Kentucky. I will give you some of the conclusion about myself. My family was very poor but I had many dreams although I was poor man, that means  no Excuses for me. Once I thought I wanted to be president to help my family and also other people, I had difficulties and bad things in my life, I was challenged.

My wife died, I failed in my job. I suffered a nervous breakdown and I lost eight times in the election. I had perseverance while my dream come true In the end my dream came true. I helped my family to become rich also I freed the black people in United States, Because I want to know about  Abraham Lincoln, and what he did when he was a president.

We No Longer Stick Up For Each Other

These past few months have been very difficult for the Citizens of the United States. Many of us don’t think the United States are very “united.” There have been many riots and protests that have been caused by the Presidency with Donald Trump. We no longer stick up for each other and are constantly at battles with one another for our own opinions. Why can’t we be united again?

“Americans never did agree on fundamental issues, and North America is really comprised of 11 distinct cultural regions which battle for political and social supremacy constantly.” We are having not only political issues, but cultural as well. The United States has seen more worse days than this, but will we come out on top again. “It is possible to view the United States and Canada as being comprised of various cultural regions. These regions bicker and disagree on major issues and fundamental values constantly. The rough edges between them has given American culture its greatest works and distinct tone. But can this union, or any union so conceived, long endure? Perhaps, perhaps not.”

We need some way or someone to come along and help us improve our situation. This country will continue to keep fighting until we all have something to agree on. Trump is not helping out our political situation and the amount of discrimination going on within the US is ridiculous and we need to fix this problem before it gets worse.


How do we impeach our President?

In the past few months there has been a lot of discussion surrounding our President, and if he will be impeached. However, very few people, know the process and requirements for an elected official to be impeached or removed from office. While impeaching our president is not at the top of my to-do list, I still want to be educated on this topic and have a full understanding of how the US government  addresses these situations.

According to the website for the United States Senate, Article II of the United States Constitution states that “The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” If it is determined that a federal official committed a crime or acted improperly, the House of Representatives is given the case and may impeach (formally charge) that official. The majority, which is 218 representatives, must all agree to impeachment for it to be moved along to the Senate. The Senate hears the trial and if convicted in a Senate impeachment trial, the official is removed from office.

Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton are the only two presidents to have been successfully impeached by the House of Representatives, however both were later acquitted (free from a criminal charge by a verdict of not guilty) by the Senate. The impeached official continues in office until conviction, and if found guilty impeachment is automatic.

People should be educated on how the process works before threatening and claiming that impeachment is near, when in all actuality it has never happened before. 

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We Need You The Most

Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

My name is Collyn Richardson. I am a 17-year-old African-American boy from Lansing, Michigan. I want you to notice that hyphen I used to describe my ethnicity, this is something that you should take into account. If you are not caucasian in America, I’m afraid that you’ll be referred to as just a hyphen. There must be action taken to end racial inequality.

I know you have heard there have been multiple cases of police officers killing “black” people. I do realize that not all police officers are bad, however, we need to be able to live comfortably without people having to worry about being killed by police. There is an apparent issue when my parents tell me “sometimes calling the police isn’t the best option, as they might come for you as a target.” Things like my dad telling me to be careful when I got my license because I am “DWB” or driving while black.

As a young African-American male, I can honestly say that I do not feel comfortable if I was to be stopped by a police officer, even for a routine traffic stop. It is also extremely mind-wrecking that every time I drive past someone and they are stopped by a police officer they are Black.

Now there is some statistics that do make me feel a little better but not completely safe. These stats include Independent Journal Review’s 2012 study of people killed during police arrests. 52% of the race that was killed were White.

Police and law enforcement are supposed to make us feel safe and feel comfortable that if something happens that they will be there in a heartbeat to help. Unfortunately, I do not feel that way about police, as many others do not as well.

Dr. Martin Luther King, only wanted peace between the races, as I also share this same vision. However, the fact that one day (at this rate) I will have to explain to my children the same thing my parents told me that “you must do everything that the officer says because I want you to make it home tonight” is a very emotional task.

America is so labeled. Everything has to be labeled and categorized, from sports to hashtags, everything is under some sort of umbrella. I believe that is where the issue begins, I think instead of labeling everything we should return to the vision of freedom, a cultural melting pot, with a thriving economy and a low poverty and unemployment rates.

It has to start with you, you are the most powerful voice that everyone is going to look to when times are tough. Police must be trained differently, and be trained not to fear people. This is the most important reform in racial inequality; this would change the perception of how they are receiving people of different ethnicity and that they aren’t just “a hyphen.” You are the make or break in efforts to return America to freedom. Help us Mr./Mrs. President, we need you the most.

Collyn Richardson

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Dear Next President, LGBT Equality

Dear Mr. President,

I wonder what will have happened to the world by the time of your presidency. I, among many others, are desperately hoping that the next person in charge can save us from the downward spiral our nation has been stuck on. I wonder what you views on LGBTQ rights will be? 

I hope that you believe everyone should get the same opportunities regardless of sexual identity. If you might be wondering how you might create complete equality for LGBT people, I have some ideas. 

For starters, you should make it so trans people can use the bathroom of their gender identity. It’s a quick solution for what should be a rather small problem. There are so many people making a fuss about who goes into what bathroom and not only is it completely unnecessary, but very rude as well. There are fully transitioned people out there who’s birth certificates may say one gender while that person is now the opposite. You wouldn’t want a man in the women’s restroom, so why are people forcing men to go there? I hope you can see my point. 

Another idea I have is putting laws in place to create job equality for all people. There are some laws already in place but we need more regulation. Businesses should not be able to turn down a fully certified person a job simply because that person just happens to be gay. It is unfair and disgusting to be so unjust to someone. 

Those are just two examples I have. You can find more information in writing such as LGBT and the universal enjoyment of human rights by Rebecca Karlsson or After Marriage Equality: The Future of LGBT Rights by Carlos A. Ball. I hope, for both you people’s sake and yours that you can do something to help create true equality for all of your great nation.



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Letter to the Next President: Homelessness

Dear President,


There is a story of a young man named Chris McCandless.  He was a well-educated student and born into a “perfect” family; at least he thought he was.  McCandless excelled academically and athletically.  He attended Emory University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in the double major of history and anthropology.  With no job, he was forced to live at home.  Things changed, however, when untold secrets of his family were revealed.  These secrets drove him to move out, feeling more comfortable living on the street than in his own home.  Despite the negativity, if the situation, McCandless took advantage of it.  He hiked all around the state of Alaska.  Chris found a love for roaming.  But he is a part of only 2 percent of those who choose to remain homeless.

Odds are, you’re familiar with the homeless.  They loiter in front of 711, beg for change when you walk by and are often looked down upon due to status.  What you may not be know, however, is that one in five homeless people suffer from untreated, severe mental illness.  In fact, 54 percent of those displaced face severe disabling conditions including mental illness, physical disability, and drug abuse.  This is not, however, all that the homeless consist of. Like us, they face challenges.  We worry about our privileges while they worry about the essentials.  Many face discrimination by police, restrictions regarding eating in public, and even banishment from businesses and other public areas.  In our community alone, those that are considered homeless are restricted from entering bathrooms after dusk.  Not being able to be hygienic results in the dramatically increased probability of illnesses, ranging from the common cold to HIV.

As members of our community, we see a need to provide them with essentials to live.  Our country lacks compassion, a trait that we must learn to obtain.  Although our nation provides limited resources, those doing so are unaware of the true needs of those using the resources.  In Butte County alone, many services conflict with one another, causing those in need to choose between two or more essential services.  

Although our country is providing some assistance for the homeless, we are also discriminating against them by creating separation between those that are homeless and those that are not.  We must stop dehumanizing those in worse conditions than ourselves.  These people are more than without a home and deserve to be treated like such.  They are parents, children, immigrants, veterans, students- the potential future of our country.  This matters to us because in life we all have the potential to be these things as well.  The difference between us and them is that we have the support needed to carry through while most homeless only have themselves.

There are so many stereotypes that are labeled onto people, but one of the things that are important to us is that even homeless people are stereotyped into something that really isn’t true. We automatically think that a homeless person out in the streets is there because he/she ruined their lives with drugs, alcohol, they may have a chronic illness or poor financial planning.

We can all find ourselves in a similar situation, therefore we should provide more help and carefully plan schedules necessary to provide everyone with access to basic living necessities.



Hildeberto, Myiani, Melonnie, Jacqueline, Mittsel, Matthew, Anthony, Tommy, Kathreya, Emely