May 16, 2022



This is my body and I’m not sure how to explain it 
My head is a wildfire imagination but I keep it silent 
My body is a gift and a curse that I’m trying to cure 
I hope for the best but I think it’s the worst 
if only you knew the truth.
I’m a young black man with a dash of Puerto Rican blood,
Born in two family’s do I have to pick a side?
I don’t think I have to take a side because it’s too hard to decide
Cuz on mom side and her sisters were playing with Barbie dolls 
my grandpa was out there with grenades in the Vietnam war
Can’t forget my dad’s side my grandpa was a hustler 
He moved from Puerto Rico to the U.S. 
fixing cars left and right making his money 
no one disrespected him 
until he got stabbed one night 
no matter what side of the family 
or what they were doing they were grinding 
working hard to do what’s right doesn’t 
That means I get to be on both sides, right?

Where I’m From

I am from the lawnmower, from john deere and store bought parts.

I am from the warm bright sun coming in from the sliding glass doors.

I am from the aloe vera, sunflowers, and the pine tree planted in my backyard, the amazon sword tail, the moonflower, the plants that grow through the top of the fish tank. 

I am from Sauerkraut ball making day  and cathothilic eastern and western europeans, from Debbie and Hugh and the Meldrums.

I am from the hotheads and smart people.

From “you can be anything” and “don’t become me, be better”.

I am from reformed catholics. My parents who shed their religion.

I’m from Lansing and Ireland and Poland, Pierogies and Kielbasa

From the waking up on christmas with my mom then going to sleep on christmas night at my dads, the 11 hour drives to the U.P., and the smell of my grandma’s christmas ham

I am from the pictures hanging in my mother’s house, the young Aidan staring down on me. The recipe of my great grandma hanging above the fireplace letting us know family traditions is still alive and well. 

By. Aidan Gallagher in the style of Where I’m From by George Ella Lyons

Selected Poems Of Langston Hughes

Selected poems by langston hughes 

The Selected Poems Of Langston Hughes makes me feel “educated” (in a sense)

 because of the quick turn it can take from appreciating life and the littlest things, too big issues like Racism and gender equality.  

I also appreciate the way he expresses his feelings towards everything, and gives you another way to view the world.

The poem that sticks out to me most is..


I am so tired of waiting,

Aren’t you,

For the world to become good

And beautiful and kind?

Let us take a knife

And cut the world in two –

And see what worms are eating

At the rind.

I picked this poem because of the different ways it could be interpreted. It can be referred to as global issues, everyone would care about. Or peculiar issues that apply to a certain group. 

I find that the best type of way to give a poem, A way so everyone can see it and understand the in debt meaning.

The rhythm it provides, gives you a 100 different ways to respond and think about.

North Pole

In this assignment, we were asked to write a poem for someone or something. For my poem, I wrote a letter to the north pole. When other people read this poem, I hope they will realize we will need to change.

Dear North Pole,

You are a bitter, colossal place

You are home to the Polar Bear and the Walrus

Your snow is mushy and your ice is dense

They say your dense ice will thaw

They say your creatures will pass away

They say icebergs will liquify

But no ones going to shatter your homeland

No ones going to poach your animals

No ones going to heat up your land

By Gryphon Mitchell

Continue On

Continue on
Don’t let life’s boundaries stop you
To the teachers who told you, you are not smart enough
To the coches who told you, you are not fast enough
Continue on

To the little girls comparing themselves to unrealistic expectations
To little boys being told they are not tough enough
You are enough
Continue on

To the single mothers working three jobs to support her children
To all the children whose voices are told they don’t matter
To the young teen who one day hopes to chase his dreams
Continue on

To the young girl fighting cancer
To the old man living alone
Continue on

There is no limit to what you can do
Don’t let barriers get in your way
You are worth more than you know
Continue on

In this assignment, we were asked to write a poem sending an important message to people. We recently read a poem called shake the dust, inspiring our “speak it” poems. For my poem, the message for people is to continue working hard despite the challenges. I enjoyed this assignment because it was a simple message that almost everyone can relate too. When I read this poem it makes think about working hard for what you want. When other people read this poem, I hope that people feel inspired to keep working hard. Overall do not let the world determine what you can do, continue taking risks and working hard.

Keep Going

When you fall down
And it is hard to get up

Keep going

When all hope is lost
But you see a way

Keep going

When someone says you can’t
But you know you can

Keep going

When you’re having a hard time
And times aren’t getting any easier

Keep going

When your life is all uphill
And there won’t be downhill for miles

Keep going

When things go wrong
But next time they might go right

Keep going

When your grades are low
But you know you can do better

Keep going

When you lose what you love
And there is nowhere to go

Keep going

Always keep going
No matter what the circumstances
Things will get better

I am

I am from sneakers on soft grass on a dewy morning,
from the steady rhythm of breathing and fresh air.
I am from hot dry pavements on a sweltering afternoon,
from sweaty shirts and itchy grass.
I am from the anticipation of race day,
from the adrenaline, nerves, and hope.
I am from the encouragement of my teammates,
from the screaming of my name and the cheering of unknown faces.
I am from running.
I am from late summer nights,
from playing tag and starry skies.
I am from the joyful screams of riding on a jet ski,
from cold refreshing water and intertubes.
I am from the smokey bonfire smell,
from s’mores, sticky fingers, and bug spray.
I am from sunscreen and sun,
from tanning and soft beach towels.
I am from my cottage.
I am from Christmas music and candy canes,
from Peacock Tree Farms and hot chocolate.
I am from warm winter coats and numb hands,
from breathtakingly cold winds and snow days.
I am from sugar cookies and messy frosting,
from gingerbread houses and overcrowded tables filled with smiling faces.
I am from the excitement of Christmas Eve,
from the impossible to open boxes and wrapping paper everywhere.
I am from December

Inspired by and in the style of George Ella Lyons' Where I’m From

A Female

Hi my name is Janie and im a 9th grader at Life Academy. This poem is about how females have power and some might feel just because of what society is saying. In my poem it also explains how some females might feel about themself and I want them to just know there perfect just the way they are.

What is a female?

Is she bossed around by society?

Does she listen to every man?

Is she judged by her skin color?

Is she judged by her body type?

Some might listen to what they had to say

Some might believe that they have to reach perfection

To be seen as beautiful

They expect us to makeup to hide there natural beauty

A female is


Has features

No other female has

Each one has something special to show

There’s so much in a woman

nobody sees it

The values of a woman




Proud to Be

I am from Oakland . A place that has violence on any street you cross.  I used to live in a neighborhood where all you see is people with guns and knives. I am from respect, confidence, carefulness, I am from everything my family and support made me be. I am Edwin Montano 115-year-old teen that goes to a high school to do everything he can to keep his grades good . I am the only one in the school that really cares . there are some of us that just don’t care about education . We think we can achieve anything , I am from so many things . One thing for sure is that I’m not the only one here thinking about my education , some people don’t even know their punctuation where I’m from . I am from years of having haters against me . Thanks to that I am here typing and for surely I’m not lying.

So pretty much I’m from hard work , discipline. I am from everything there is to be about me , I come from a family of 6 I am the oldest and boldest of my siblings . Everyday when I take bus down to my house from school. Oakland isn’t all bad . I come from a neighborhood of good people. I am from a good family, I have responsibility, capabilities and more. Never will I give up because I have people that support me . There are many things and work ahead of me but I will take them head on.

I come from Oakland. There are more good things than bad thing here. I am from what I made myself. What am I? I’m just a 15 year old teen doing my best in school to have a better life in the future . I will not stop till I succeed in all my goals. I am Edwin Montano proud American. This is me and I’m proud to be.

Photo by avrene

She Does What a Man Can


I’m from Oakland

I’m from the “deep east”

From gun shots and sideshows

From kids dying and mammas crying

From tragedy and no recovery


I come from a good home though

From where my

From where she does for me my brothers and fam

Mann my mom don’t get easy but she can do what any man can

My moms my inspiration without her I would have no determination

For the goals I have

Or For my dreams


From tragedy and no recovery

From kids dying and mammas crying

From gun shots and sideshows

I’m from the “deep east”

I’m from Oakland

Photo by

510, 94606

I am from two

Stuck in between because I don’t fit in any shoe
I am from simple rhymes
That go no further than the human eyes

I am from the 510, 94606, spelled out as the city of Oak-L-A-N-D,
Where people sting like bees asking who you are and what you want to be,
I respond with, “I am nobody, I am nobody yet.”

I am from a heart-broken mother,
Struggling to breathe, as darkness comes to bother,
I am from a father,
Short-tempered but trying hard to understand that as he eats and sleeps so easily,
my mother cannot as she has lost her Hermano.

I am from 8 shots and he’s found dead under a car,
Half-Brother in hiding as I am holding my heart,
For my heart will break if I let out a!…
I am from where I can not let out anything,
If I do my mother will break and cry too.

I am from a place where I am a big sister,
She asks, “Why don’t I feel sad enough to cry?’
I say, “You are still innocent and pure with no pent up feelings that will lead you to a sigh.”

I am from either getting no attention or too much,
It is sweet like Bunch-A-Crunch yet sour like a school lunch.

I am from where I am,
Where I am is where I wish to see happiness.

I am from African decent,
Nobody knows it but I am proud to represent.

I am from a Mexican family that has been oppressed,
But I continue to be an 01 liner that is blessed.

No different from yours

I’m from a place where I couldn’t go anywhere with my mom without hearing someone call her a towel head

Or tell her to go back where she came from

A place where a woman might struggle for years just to get a part-time job

All because of a piece of cloth she wears on top of her head

A place where I watched her struggle to speak fluent english as a white woman mocked her accent

A place where my community is constantly put under a stereotype based on the events of 9/11

When we had nothing to do with it

A place where people fail to understand that the doings of ISIS do not define my religion

Where people fail to understand that most homicide attacks are actually done by the same white people who accuse all muslims of being terrorists

I’m from a Muslim family that is no different from yours