November 30, 2022


Have We Become Too Reliant on Electronics?

Have we become too reliant upon our electronics? There are many different arguments that support this question and there are those who oppose it. This could honestly go either way, there are so many good things and an almost equal number of bad things that can be brought about by electronics. It also depends upon how much electronics play into certain people’s lives because it could influence their opinions or their arguments towards this topic.

What do you think? Are you too reliant on electronics? Or are they a good thing in your life?

In my personal opinion, I do think that we have become too reliant on our electronics. I understand that there are certain electronic things that we need in order to keep the world running and keep businesses and schools operating. There are also certain things that are not considered a necessity but rather a want or desire. These said wants or desires tend to become very controlling in our daily lives and nobody seems to notice.

What the Internet Really Knows About You

In the article “What the Internet Really Knows About You” by Zeynep Tufekci is about how you have to be careful what you share on the internet. Your electronic device can figure out who you are without you ever posting something. Your device can infer your political beliefs if you subscribe to a certain magazine. Not only can they tell your political beliefs but they can tell the mood you are in without you ever posting something like “I am happy”. It can tell what you like or your interests so that your feed can be more enjoyable. When you share your contact information on Facebook, Facebook shares it so you can find friends. There has been an investigation where Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint have been sharing your location. People can know where you are at and can question why you are at a certain place. The author suggests that there should be laws that directly regulate computational reference and that phones should be more privacy protected. 

There has been this theory that your phone can listen to what you are saying. For example say you’ve been wanting to buy a certain broom or you’ve been wanting to go to a place, in your feed there will be ads about a broom and about the certain place that you’ve been wanting to go. This has happened to me before. At first, I was a little skeptical but what if it’s just a coincidence. Do you believe that our devices listen to us? 

Why We Should Use Our Phones At Concerts

Concerts have always been a source of great joy for me, however recently my concert experiences have been brought down by the omnipresence of phones. It seems everyone around me is on there phone trying to post about how cool it is that they are there without actually enjoying being there. In response to this many singers and bands are attempting to make their concerts cell phone free zones, getting behind this movement are artists such as Alicia Keys, Bob Dylan, HIM, HER, and Beyonce. Upon researching this I have found that there are many different opinions and studies that advocate for both sides. A study conducted by physiological scientist from Yale and the University of Southern California found that taking pictures at concerts may actually enhance a viewers satisfaction with the event. The conclusion of the study was that when you are taking pictures you are more engaged and hence more satisfied which brings people more joy from the experience. However even this study put a disclaimer, taking pictures helped people come out of the experience with more joy so long as “the photo-taking does not become an impediment on the event.” Although the opinions of artists and experts, specifically from the Rolling Stone and Caliber Magazine, tend to be on the other side of the argument. As Greil Marcus, music journalist, scholar, and author of the acclaimed “Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ‘n’ Roll Music,” puts it,  “When you’re holding up your cell phone and you’re recording a video of a performance, you are yourself representing it rather than experiencing it directly. You’re putting distance between yourself–emotional, physical, technological–and the performance.”He argues that there is a level of excitement you get at a concert that is caused by the unpredictability of it all, one never knows what is going to come next. When you are holding up a phone you are no longer experiencing this directly, you are experiencing it through your phone which takes away from the experience.

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What Effect does Screentime have on Children?

Screen time and its relationship to children is an issue I feel passionately about because it is something that is extremely prevalent in our society. Whenever I see small children spending time on devices, I always wonder what effect it will have on them later in life. I didn’t know very much about the issue before beginning research outside of being generally told that too much screen time is “bad”. After researching the topic more, I realize that screen time is an issue that can is affecting the health of more than just children and that it isn’t being discussed nearly as much as it should be.