November 27, 2022


Peer Interview

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This video was made at PULSE High School (Providing Urban Learners Success in Education). PULSE is an alternative school, a school designed to help students who have fallen behind get assistance they need and catch up on the high school credits they are missing. This video was made as part of a Youth Voices English Project. We are researching the obstacles that students succumb to, causing them to fall behind and face the dilemma of possible dropping out of school. The speakers in this video is myself , Kiara Natal and the person recording whom is Shareef.

“ To never give up, too always keep going no matter what” i said when kiara Natal asked “ so since you’re graduating from PULSE ,what is one thing you will take with you?”

This quote is what I wake up too every morning, I promise myself each day to work hard and be faithful to the urging of the message . . . but there are days when it is very, very, very hard. I have made mistakes, I have failed at numerous things, but I know there is another chance for me. Look, I am ready to graduate! That’s real progress; there was a time when people doubted me to my face.

“ what was different about coming from a mainstream school to going into an alternative school” Kiara asked.

A mainstream school is not where many students get to learn because of the amount of students the one teacher has to teach , in my position a mainstream school did not fit who i am. i’m an IEP student who needs special needs when it comes to my education and Pulse provided that for me , Pulse helped me in various types of ways that i don’t think any other high school couldn’t.

They put me in the right direction which i wish every student should have the chance to be in my shoes. Having this help has made me a better person and also a better student. I want to thank all of the people who helped me succeed and be better in life

Justin’s interview

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The interview took place in Pulse High School where i currently go to school at and will be graduating in June . A peer of ours shareef recorded the interview for us because its apart of our project for new media arts . Cristal was interviewing me about who is the most important person in my life . She is one of my peers who is also taking part in the project for new medias . “How to be responsible , how to be a man , how to take care of things that has to be taken care of , prioritizing your responsibilities” .

“How to be responsible , how to be a man , how to take care of things that has to be taken care of , prioritizing your responsibilities”

I said this after cristal asked me what advice did my grandmother give me . This was the most important advice in my life that my grandmother gave to me . These are the standards as a man i still hold myself to till this day . When i was younger i couldn’t really understand what it meant to be a man or be responsible . I didn’t realize how serious life is and how it isn’t something to play with . I never used to put my responsibilities first which led to me having to come to pulse and graduate late . As i got older these things really came to mind and how my grandmother told me that one day I will thank her for this advice . I was on the verge of not graduating , dropping out and then reality hit . My parents stopped supporting me I couldn’t get a job because I didn’t graduate and it hit me . I had to take care of responsibilities and graduate to put myself in a better position to support myself without much trouble . So these are the rules I live by everyday and will continue to live by responsibilities always come first .

Peer Interview

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This video is an interview between two students, Olga Morales and me, Kiara Natal. It took place in PULSE High School in the spring of 2017. We (the students) prepared a series of questions focusing on what took place to bring a student to PULSE. The interview was conducted by, Olga Morales. She is a current student at PULSE High School and was filmed by Shareef Riles, a recent graduate of PULSE.

“Coming to PULSE gave me a fresh start. My reputation was not around to prevent me from succeeding. I know what it is like to struggle and fall behind.” said Shareef before we started.

This quote wasn’t exactly said within the interview by any of the students, but the person who was recording said it. I decided to choose this because before the interview none of us knew what to talk about, but once he said that everything I wanted to say came to mind. Also because by him saying that just showed that I wasn’t the only who felt that way.

Another quote that stuck out to me during the interview was when Olga asked me was I glad that I came to PULSE. The quote was

“Yes, because I didn’t come to PULSE I don’t think ill be graduating this year!”
Seeing this quote again just makes it even more clear what without PULSE i wouldn’t be who I am today. It opens my eyes because it’s so true that I wouldn’t be graduating right now if I wasn’t in PULSE. Coming here has helped me become a better person and a better student. Before coming here I was never able to picture myself graduating but now that’s all I think about, and it’s all thanks to all the wonderful teachers and staff at PULSE High School.

How My Mom Inspires Me

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The interview took place in Pulse high school. Mr. Paul was also there during the interview. Mr. Paul was helping us with the interviews and pushing us to talk more when we replied to the questions being asked. Apart from myself, my partner was Jonathan who also attend Pulse high school. We interviewed each other so that we can get a sense of what a interview should sound and look, and what questions should be asked.

‘’I’m looking for a job that will pay more money.’’

This quote made me realize that i am a hardworking and motivated person because although i attend school and already have a job i am in search for another one. This is motivating because listening to myself repeat those words, reminds me that i should keep looking and even though i may not find one as quick as i want. I shouldn’t give up.

Another quote that stood out to me from the interview was when jonathan said ‘’ so do you look up to your mom as a role model?’’

‘’I want to be like my mom when i get older and become a mother myself.’’

This quote stood out to me because i never really said those words before. I always knew that i wanted to be like my mother but not like her when i become a mother. This shows that my mother is a great women and is always there for her family, therefore i want to be like her.  A hardworking and supportive women.

‘’…she taught me everything i know up to now… i think she does a great job… she works a lot and always provide for us [my sister and i]’’

I think that this topic is great for an interview. Is straightforward and i think that everybody would have their own story to tell. There are also hundreds of questions to ask on this topic its not limited to the questions that i was asked. I also think that everyone should do this as practice for an interview. If there was another topic that we had to choose for our major class project i would vote on this.

My Father

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