August 12, 2022


Why I always go with my heart

“Go with your heart and you will make it through hard battles.”- Raniyah Lawrence

My family and I have been through hard battles but we always go with our hearts. We must have courage in our hearts. Just like Jackie Robison went on the baseball field and had the courage to make it through every game with people in the crowd either teasing him or throwing items at him, I and my family made it through a battle at a time my mom was in the hospital in a bad condition.  We didn’t think she was going to make it but we had hope in our hearts.

 So we made it through that hard battle. I always knew it would take time and I would need to have patience during the process of seeing her in that horrible condition. So I waited and still had hope and courage. I am glad that I and my family made it through that difficult time. 

That’s why I always go with my heart because I know I will overcome any obstacle in my way. I also learned that courage comes from the heart. My faith gave me the courage to believe I could face any challenge. That was a difficult challenge that we had to face as a family but somehow our courage got us through the challenge. I believe that I will overcome anything that comes my way because I always go with courage in my heart. There were a million tears running down my face during that hard battle with my mom. 

All I could think about was how my life would be if I lost my mom. It was a sad and emotional feeling, but then I started to think about how life would be if my mom did make it. Then I started to have the courage that she was going to make it. I knew that she was a strong individual. My heart was telling me that she was going to make it, so I went with my heart.

It was hard at first but I fought through that hard battle with my family because of the courage in my heart. Courage is the key in your heart. Just like I and Jackie Robinson made it through hard battles, so can you.