January 31, 2023


Should school uniforms be required?

I believe that uniforms should not be required at Judge. Students who attend Judge find that uniforms are an unnecessary hassle. The Judge Memorial students feel that they would benefit from an absence in uniform.

 Uniforms are uncomfortable and prevent students from learning and focusing properly.  Wilcox mentions a valid argument in that “itchy and tight clothes can  make it difficult for a student to focus on academics.” In addition, uniforms can be expensive and hard to attain. Students and their parents have limited access to uniform stores, and often complain that uniforms are extremely expensive. Lastly, the presence of uniforms stops students from expressing their identity which is extremely important. In a child’s time of adolescence, it is important for them to express their creativity. Kouzmine states “Many students who are against school uniforms argue that they lose their self-identity when they lose their right to express themselves through fashion.”

School administrators may argue a lack of uniforms by stating that uniforms keep up a school’s professionalism. I counter this by saying that the student should be valued in their economic stance, comfortability, and expression.  The care for cura personalis, the whole person, should include the student’s opinions and disapproval of the school uniform. The school uniform should be suspended by Judge in order to support the students who run the school. 

Americas Opinion on Their Own Privacy

With the leaks released by Edward Snowden the American people were shocked. This was an issue that cause the most people to think critically about what is a line that should be drawn on how closely the government should watch us, and if it should be able to monitor all of us at all. Most people thought that the wiretapping of ALL us citizens calls for decades was well over the line we hold as “constitutional”. Even years after the Snowden leaks first released people are still discussing the information that it revealed. In 2015 USA Today wrote an article on public opinion about the government surveilling us. USA Today reviews the information of the leaks, stating “[The US government] surveilled phone calls made by US citizens to as many as 116 foreign countries.” (Rivers, 9) They also state the government monitored billions of American’s calls years before 9/11.

Multiple charts were the focus of this article showing the disapproval of the country of this surveilling and also a chart about what behavior Americans have changed because of the leaks. The article finds that “the majority (57%) think it’s unacceptable for the U.S. government to turn surveillance equipment on its own people.” (Rivers, 25). The article also states “ A quarter of Americans who were aware of the National Security Agency surveillance program changed their behavior on email, search engines, social media, cellphones, mobile apps, text messages or landline phones, according to a Pew Research Center Survey conducted between 2014 and 2015.” (Rivers, 18) So while many Americans disapprove of the governments behaviors, most don’t care enough to change how the act on their phones and computers. This is most likely just  because most Americans don’t have anything to hide and don’t care if the government sees what they are doing. However the fact that people don’t have anything to hide should not factor into deciding if it is ok or not. The government does not have the right to monitor all Americans in a blanket surveillance program. Most people when asked approved of the government monitoring terrorist suspects and foreign officials but not ALL Americans.

Our constitution, the one signed in 1787 does not exactly address smartphones and laptops and drones but it still gives us the right to Privacy. It is up to the legislation and supreme court to uphold this right to privacy as our technology and definition of privacy evolves.


How has the internet changed us as a society?

There is no doubt that the internet has become a big influence in today’s world, as not only does it provide easy access to communication with almost anyone, it is also grants us the ability to find any piece of information that we choose to seek out. Things like finding out the weather for the week or finding out the name of a person from a movie have become effortless compared to just a few decades ago, as it is now accessible with the click of a button. However, there is some controversy surrounding this newfound breakthrough in technology, as though some think this is one of the greatest things to ever happen to our society, others believe it is creating a generation of lazy people who don’t need to put in any effort to seek out knowledge. So, I went and did some research to find out popular opinion regarding this subject.

The Washington Post created an article that gives 36 ways that the internet has changed us, which offer mixed opinions on the subject, On the one hand, our multitasking skills have greatly increased because of the internet, and problems such as waiting in line at stores have mostly gone away because of sites like Amazon. However, only 5% of languages have integrated themselves towards the internet, and scholars believe that the others will die out within the next 100 years. I found another article that offers a few different perspectives, the first of which suggests that our increased access to communication has caused us to treat intimacy differently. Posting on social media allows people that we don’t usually associate with to see what we do, compared to only allowing very close friends access to that information. In addition to this, another claim says that everything is crowd-based nowadays, and  that everyone has a say in what goes on.

To sum things up, whether or not the internet has affected our society in a positive or negative way comes down to personal opinion. The factors that go into this matter are very extensive, and subjective to say the least. So, I propose a question: what is your attitude towards the internet? Do you think it has harmed or helped us as a society, and in what ways? I would appreciate any feedback that people have on my question.

How Do You Feel?

Has the talk of things like building a border wall or the administration’s latest travel ban made people feel more afraid or safer?

For the past year and a half Donald Trump has been polluting conversations. His controversial opinions and outlandish remarks have landed him multiple headlines, discussions, and twitter disputes. During his campaign he rallied for the infamous border wall and now, eleven months into his presidency, continues to threaten its construction.
Talk about the infamous wall and the irrational travel ban continue to fill the internet, popular news channels, and various publications. While these discussions are simply unavoidable, one has to wonder, is the Trump administration keeping us safe or shoving us in the eye of danger? The answer to this question ultimately lies in the eye of the beholder. With factors like political beliefs, cultural environment, ethnicity, and theological values, people are able to create their own opinion on Trump and his ever imposing threats.
The fact of the matter is that there is no definitive answer to the question that is posed. Consequently, the feelings awakened by the wall and/or travel ban are solely dependent on personal opinion.

US Politics and Their Effect

Politics is a big reason in the United States. However, politics are resulting in decisions that are getting rid of people’s well-being and privacy. In the last few days, the House of Representatives passed a bill that is going to repeal Obamacare, which is going to affect a lot of people in the United States. The Senate, the House of Representatives, and Trump also voted on a bill that allowed ISPs to collect customer internet data and sell it.

I do not understand why such decisions have been executed. The United States was the first country in the world to grant the powers that it granted. This was amazing in the world of monarchy, where the power to the people was mostly unheard of. However, I feel like the United States is slowly but surely going back, and starting to get rid of some of the things that the people have.

In English, our class is reading Animal Farm. I feel like the current times are in the section of the book where the pigs start taking the milk and apples from other animals. The United States is slowly starting to take away from what the people can do.

Domestic Violence :l Maybe you don’t know unless you read it 😀


If you don’t have any interest in domestic violence then keep on reading and if you do have some interest then… Keep on reading either way keep on reading. While reading this you will most likely gain at least some interest in domestic violence like I have. I in fact have gained interest because I know next to nothing about it and these days it seems to be a more common occurrence so I thought “ay why not” : ^) .  


If you do not understand what domestic violence is then… keep on reading. Domestic violence is abuse between people like a partner in a relationship or a child and parent. People who are usually the abused in these relationships are women or children. But the possibility of the men being abused in the relationship is in fact possible. Normally this violence would occur at the home of the two people that are acquainted with each other in some way or form. This would usually occur in poverty driven areas that involve low income rate families that are african american or more common races that move into oakland :l

Domestic Violence will not stop, but one can still help deal with it with therapy and support… probably some other things too, as to what those things are I would like to ask someone reading this.


Firstly, Domestic Violence will not ever stop. But It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to stop it. Although the fact that it will not stop is what keeps me limited on what I can write normally I would write something that involves stopping it but I don’t think I can do that due to my outlook on domestic violence. But judging from one person’s opinion (An interview conducted with another student) Domestic violence in fact does seem common in some areas he knows, and that some methods he has with knowing that domestic violence won’t stop is that is just therapy or something along the lines of that. Even though this is all we can think of I doubt that everyone has the exact same thoughts so I interviewed another person (A friend of mine an adult) and what she thought of was a way to try and stop domestic violence and I feel like I should say although having a proposition for it may not stop it, it can still suppress domestic violence meaning the percentages of domestic violence in areas like oakland may in fact go down.


Even though the world can not get rid of Domestic Violence, there are ways to help people who experience for example proposition q which seeks to remove tents to lower the rates of domestic abuse in these areas. As to domestic violence in general all I can think of is therapy or maybe some emotional support, what I can think of can only go to the limited distance but if possibilities open up to me in along the way of me writing or typing this then I will indeed try and put it in so you can see whether I found it along the way or not. To say this completely and I won’t sugar coat it, there is the extreme possibility that we won’t make much progress in terms of things like methods against domestic violence in fact we may even do the opposite of making progress, but what decides that is what we do as of right now in fact in the article for the Sf chronicle’s website a writer with the name of Kathy Black wrote a report on tent encampments involving domestic violence in support of Prop Q which is a proposition for people living in tents to remove those tents and put these people in housing service. But if I had to give my opinion on this I find this to be somewhat flawed due to the fact that the actual succession rate of this would be pretty low due to the fact that housing as of right now is expensive and space would be a problem along with the fact that there may not actually be many supporters for this due to the fact people may not even care about this in fact I’m not sure that I care about it much myself. runs out of battery and time

In conclusion I believe that even though we can’t stop domestic violence we can help suppress it through other methods.

I feel _________ now that Donald Trump is President


I’m not sure if this news has sunk in yet… I’m still in shock that Donald Trump is now the President for the next four years. From all of the predictions and talks, I thought that Clinton would have won by a landslide. Yet, I woke up this morning and I was faced with the news that Donald Trump is the new President.

When I was watching the election, Trump was always ahead of Clinton. I wondered why since all of the people were talking against him. When he won Florida and it was almost 100% sure that he was going to be president, I started thinking about all of the outcomes.

Obviously, the rest of the world sees this man as a un-filtered man who isn’t fit to run America. Maybe he isn’t, but I hope he can pull it together for the next 4 years. One of the plus sides is that he isn’t influenced by money (he has enough of that) so maybe all of the cabinet members he chooses will be picked because they are the best fit for the job.

Even though Trump is going to be the face of America, there will still be a lot of people who are keeping him in check. So, I don’t think that he can ruin America as much as people think he can. Hopefully, I’m right.

I still don’t know how I feel about Trump being the President of America yet. That’s why it’s blank. Comment down below and share how you feel about the 2016 Presidential Election!



Opposing Opinions

I believe the most basic reason we have different opinions and views is because we all have different interests that will benefit us.  In many issues, there is no one right and one wrong. There are many questions in between that need to be answered. In everything from politics, to ethics, to simple, everyday problems, there will be a difference in opinions. However, these differences in what we believe allow things to change and to happen. If we all thought the same, nothing would change, and nothing would be challenged.

Difference in opinion can been seen throughout time and today. How people respond to these differences can and have become a problem. In the article “Me vs You – Why People Get Offended By Opinions, the author Mario Rodriguez, states that we form opinions based on what we think is best. He explains that we are offended by other’s opinions because we feel as if we are being told we are wrong- something not many people want to be told. He explains it as follows, “If I purchase Brand A, it’ll be because I think it is the better brand. Because it is better, I have made the right choice. But if someone else comes along and purchases Brand B and claims it to be better, it will be as if they’re saying that I’m wrong”. He goes on to say that we develop what is called “theory of mind” which is, “the ability to attribute mental thoughts and states to oneself, and to understand that other people have a different view of the world”.

I think that our problem is that we don’t develop “theory of mind”. We are so focused on what we want and what benefits us. And one of our problems is not in having different opinions, but how we react to others who do not share our opinions. I think that as a generation, we must continue to be more accepting and respectful of others. We must understand that everyone comes from a different background, a different life, so we will have different views; but when we learn to accept that others have opinions- not agreeing, but accepting- we will get more done.