May 23, 2022


The Universe Within Us

For this poem I had to connect a topic from Shakespear to my own life. I chose to write about my mom because my topic is about love. I look forward to reading your comments!


The Universe Within Us

Ever since

you left the sanctuary

of your home,

Gunshot after gunshot

Scream past your ear

But all you do is run.

You run and run because although half of you

Is trembling with fear,

And dripping with tears,

The other half of you wants nothing more

But to hear the cries of tu primera hija

At least once more

before the tears of being separated from the arms that once held her and blocked the dangers of the world out

Become deeper with the pain the other half of the world has to offer


The border splitting the earth,

Splits you too.

You haven’t stopped running since.

The borders haven’t stopped splitting your body either.

Sideways, upwards, downwards.

Parts of you filled with fear,

Some filled with shame,

And yet another filled with the spanish you’ve learned to silence

Because something about the sharpness of your tongue

And the thickness of your accent

Brings out the bravery beneath the cracks,

The wholeness beneath the broken,

And the beauty hidden by the hate.

Y todos sabemos,

That borders cant stand

If there’s something stronger and taller

Capable of breaking them down.

You haven’t stopped running since.

Parts of you running with the brightness within you

Trying to drive out the darkness that surrounds you,

Trying to close up on you

Just like all the other borders

orbiting around you.

You haven’t stopped running since,

Trying to get ahold of the world

That was taken from your hands

By hateful eyes,

And too many people

Forcing your nights

To be filled with cries.

You’re trying to get ahold of the world that was once in your hands

Just to give it to me.

Because despite the tornados spiraling inside my body

And the black hole in my mind trying to to grab on to any negative thought

That brings out the darkness in my eyes,

All you see is the sun,

The planets orbiting it,

And the stars that decorate the universe with the light you believe I deserve to feel instead.


You see the light in the world

And inside me too.

Ama, when will you stop running?

When will you let us finish for you?

When will you realize that the world

You want to get ahold of

Is already inside of me

Because it’s inside you too.