November 27, 2022


Beautiful liar

I offer this poem and nothing else,

To live in one’s shadow can be cool and warm at the same time.

Livinging in one’s shadow can also be cold and lonely.

Living up to expectations can kill your confidence.

Being transparent but not invisible is empty.

                I loathe myself

Like an ache that never leaves you but always stays the same.

Not strong enough to kill you but strong enough to keep you from truly leaving.

Never being you, being someone else’s.

Having your own identity cannot be allowed.

How you hover makes mistakes.

             I loathe myself.

Thinking can make things clearer or can puzzle you more.

Gambling with your thoughts is just as dangerous with your life.

The more you begin to understand, the more you can change.

To truly have a crystal clear mind you need to find the problem.

This takes time, time can make things last longer than you would like.

              Do I loathe myself?

Going through time with no concept of the past, present and future.

An endless drift through an unknown area forever missing my identity.

Keeping yourself sane just to feel more envy and jealousy

Thanks to you I can clearly see why I am not content.

Now I know what I really loathe, thank you.

                I loathe you.

Inspired by “I am offering this poem” by Jimmy Santiago Baca


When you wake up in the morning

To the sound of your alarm

Are you grateful?

Are you grateful that you survived another night?

Or do you take it for granted like many of us do?

Life is a precious thing, yet we spend most of it 

Worrying about it ending

We don’t cherish it,

Hold it in your hands as tightly as you can

And never let go

We will never stop taking things for granted

Whether it’s our family

The meal we eat at lunchtime

Or even the few extra dollars you get 

From an extra-nice customer

All of these things are small

And sometimes we take away their meaning

But we must be grateful for even the small things

Because in the end, that may be all we have left

Where I’m From

I am from the lawnmower, from john deere and store bought parts.

I am from the warm bright sun coming in from the sliding glass doors.

I am from the aloe vera, sunflowers, and the pine tree planted in my backyard, the amazon sword tail, the moonflower, the plants that grow through the top of the fish tank. 

I am from Sauerkraut ball making day  and cathothilic eastern and western europeans, from Debbie and Hugh and the Meldrums.

I am from the hotheads and smart people.

From “you can be anything” and “don’t become me, be better”.

I am from reformed catholics. My parents who shed their religion.

I’m from Lansing and Ireland and Poland, Pierogies and Kielbasa

From the waking up on christmas with my mom then going to sleep on christmas night at my dads, the 11 hour drives to the U.P., and the smell of my grandma’s christmas ham

I am from the pictures hanging in my mother’s house, the young Aidan staring down on me. The recipe of my great grandma hanging above the fireplace letting us know family traditions is still alive and well. 

By. Aidan Gallagher in the style of Where I’m From by George Ella Lyons