December 2, 2022


Dangers of E-Cigarettes and Teenagers — The Who’s What’s Where’s When’s and How’s

19.6% of high school students and 4.7% of middle school students reported using E cigarettes on a consistent basis. Among the E cigarette users, about 22.9% of the high schoolers currently using stated that they smoke daily. Although these numbers are down from 2019 by quite a bit, this is still a lot. Experts hypothesize that in 2019 things like juuling were “trendy.” Now that E cigarettes are being discouraged and there are more restrictions on advertising, less kids who aren’t addicted are occasionally using E cigarettes. On the other hand, the kids who became addicted to nicotine in 2019 are still using throughout 2020 and less likely to quit.  

E cigarettes are not healthy for anyone, but are especially unhealthy among adolescents whose brains aren’t fully developed. Some long term effects in people under 25 can be long term addiction, mood disorders, and lack of impulse control. Consistently smoking E-cigarettes as an adolescent is practicing a bad habit that will have life long lasting side effects. 

Some of the tempation of E cigarettes for highschool and middle school students comes from advertisements and flavoring. Juul, who has now been sued as a result, created ads like the ones seen below. These ads aired on cartoon networks and other youth channels. Another strategy was to create flavors that kids would be attracted to. Mango, Creme, Fruit, and Cucumber were some of the flavors that have now been banned. Although Juul has been banned from producing these flavors, other companies like puff have just replaced them. 

The Disturbing Focus Of Juul's Early Marketing Campaigns

The Dangers of Juul

The rationale for this presentation is to discuss the dangers of juul and how juul impacts teens. Teens are becoming addictive to juul because of the amount of nicotine found in it. I felt that bringing awareness to the dangers of juul could alter the usage of juul amongst teens. Nicotine is the addictive drug in cigarettes that gets people hooked. It causes a rush of dopamine and can lead to increased anxiety. Thirty-five percent of teens who try cigarettes go on to smoke as adults. As you can see, juul contains so much nicotine that it jeopardizes teens’ lifestyle in the present and the future. Grasping people’s attention on this aspect can allow people to take action to minimize the amount of juul in marketing.

Not only can juul impact the health of a teenager, however can impact the outlooks of their home. For instance, a honor-roll student’s parents became concerned when his grades slid and he lost interest in sports and hobbies. This fourteen-year-old freshman on track towards his dreams now lash out at his parents in explosive anger. This could happen to thousands of teens’ homes which means it is up to our community to minimize the access to jails in nearby delis and supermarkets. Please check out my blog for more information on the horror of juul and how it endangers the life of teens.