September 28, 2022


Vox Pop with Ms. Garcia

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This interview took place downstairs in the lobby of Pulse high school in front of the security desk on the 1st floor . There was no audience it was just me and her .  The person I Interviewed was Ms.Garcia who was a Security guard at Pulse high school. One of thing she talked about was education .

“ I didn’t have no father no mother my grandmother was there for me”

Hearing this quote me me realize that i myself didn’t have my parents to be there for me they always looked down on me always said that i would be a failure. It means that when you don’t have your parents to motivate you it’s hard to focus that’s why you find someone who would be there for you . Ms garcia grandmother was there for her just like how my boyfriend is there for me , she didn’t let her parents not being there interfere with her education even more

Another quote that stuck out to me from interviewing Ms. Garcia in pulse high school was Ms Garcia on May 1st 2017 said .

“It gives you an advance it makes you fulfill your goals when you study hard you achieve everything you’re looking for “

Seeing this quote again i see how what are people’s opinions on education and how it was like for them back then compare to now. It opens my eyes because this quote is saying that education means take whatever knowledge you learn and take advantage of it . If there’s other open opportunities take because as you grow older you see everything you study for pays off . When you achieve your goal you worked hard. Education is the key to your future you have to be educated to get through this life .Now keeping in mind i did agree with ms Garcia when she explained what education meant to her

How I Got To PULSE

Hello, My Name Is Fatoumata Kebe. There’s a couple of reasons why i ended up in PULSE High School. I ended up in Pulse because in my previous school i wasn’t doing so good i mean i was doing good but i kinda got left back and then I had to come to Pulse to be able to graduate on time. Also because was hanging out with the wrong crowd so it made me feel that i didn’t to be in school. And i was easily distracted and i was always in the hallways but in pulse there is no hallway so that’s good enough for me. But ever since i got to Pulse everything just changed i felt like i did need to be in school like i belong in school until i am able to graduate.

Pulse is a really great school for me because i feel so comfortable with the student and also with the teachers. The teachers in pulse makes sure that you’re doing all your and they make sure that you passing all your classes that’s what i like about the school they make sure everything is perfect before going on to the next topic. I’m sure i won’t be graduating this because i don’t really have all my credits but I’m willing to be graduating next year hopefully.


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The End of The Beginning

Have you ever felt like you just want to stop everything and walk away? Well, I have and it’s not a good feeling. I first had this feeling being in my second high school, not knowing if I was ever going to graduate. I was already in my third year of high school afraid, worrying all day and night about my future. It wasn’t until the end of that school year, that I had enough sleepless nights, I needed to change, something had to give!

My first high school was John F Kennedy and it was the worst school ever. First, it was way too far from my house, the travel each day was unbelievable. Then, the students that went there were out of control. No one would ever be in class! Everyone would hang out in the hallways, it seemed that there were fights every day. But during my time in Kennedy I got sick and missed a lot of days and fell way behind on all my school work. When I came back to school I brought all the proof needed so I can be able to catch up on all my work, but none of the teachers wanted to help me. After two months of fighting with the school to catch up I just gave up and wanted to transfer to another school. But still even then it took forever for them to transfer me. My mother had to come to the school almost everyday because of all the problems they gave me. But finally I was able to transfer to Monroe High School, which starts a whole new story.

The very first day at Monroe High School was a disaster. They didn’t know who I was, they didn’t have none of my old school records. So my first day at the school I was stuck in the main office because no one made a schedule for me. It took the guidance counselor a week to make my schedule. At first I was doing good in all my classes, didn’t fail not one class. Then the next year when I went back to school after summer I was told all my credits from Kennedy were gone. Meaning I wasn’t going to be able to graduate on time, and that no matter what I did nothing would help. So after I found that out I starting not to care. I stopped doing my work, started cutting class and started to fail even more. A teacher in the school noticed the change in me and asked me if everything was okay. So once I started to tell her everything and how I wasn’t going to graduate, she told me about a school called PULSE High School.

That same day I went home curious about the school to see if it was actually true what that teacher told me. As I started looking more into PULSE high school I got excited and wanted to transfer schools right away. So I called the school, but they told me it was to late in the school year for me to try again next year. Yes that got me a little upset, but I really wanted to go to PULSE. Next year came and I set up an interview, three days after the interview the school called and told me I was accepted. Now that I’m in PULSE, I’m back on track , going to school everyday and on time, passing all my classes. Ever since I started here at PULSE it has changed me for the better. The teachers here actually want to see you do better, they help you as much as they can, and what else can a student really ask for.

So finally what I’ve learned about going to three different high schools is that no matter what you go through, don’t stop pushing. I faced many challenges in all three high schools, but each of those challenges made me the person I am today

My Journey To Pulse

I’ve made a few bad decisions that has led up to me being in pulse. It first started in 5th grade. For some reason, in 5th grade i stopped caring about school. I constantly went to school and ended up being distracted or not doing my work at all.

It was also one of the hardest year for me because i needed one on one help and my school didn’t offer that help. I would only have to get help on saturdays but that wasn’t enough. So i fell off.

Fast forward to freshman year of highschool, the same thing happened. I struggled a lot. Mainly in my math classes which were most important. However i didn’t try hard enough. Which then resulted in me not having enough math credits so i was behind. But when i was informed about PULSE high school, i took the chance.

I transferred for a new beginning. And it was the best decision i’ve ever made.    Pulse really helps me when i’m struggling. It gives me the opportunity to get’’one on one’’ help. Which is what i’ve always needed. And now i am happy with where i am. Ive matured a lot and i’ve realized how to take responsibility of my actions.

Life Decisions

I’ve made bad decisions that resulted me to ending up at P.U.L.S.E. High School.

From third grade to my junior year I went to private school, basically my whole life. I was always a good student, always had good grades, and was well liked in school by the majority of the people who attended the school.

One day I decided to change all that. It was for girls and baseball. At my old school, baseball was my favorite sport so I wanted more competition by moving in a new division by going to a new school. Another reason why was my school lacked girls, and I was young at the time, so I wasn’t thinking, which caused me to make a decision that I regret at the end of the day

I decided to transfer to public school. That was the worst mistake I’ve ever made. I’ve never adjusted to public school, and I had a extremely hard time trying to pass any classes because I wasn’t comfortable at all. I was stressed out and people doubted that I would even finish school, which just motivated me to finish school and better myself.

One time, for example, my guidance counselor had a facial expression one day that gave me the impression that she didn’t believe in me and that I was never going to finish school, which motivated me to prove people wrong by finishing high school at P.U.L.S.E., and move on to bigger and better things to do in my life.




Durable Dreams

I wrote a song for our website durable dreams with the help of my peers . I also created a beat for that song with the help of my music teacher Mr.Leonard . I used the program GarageBand to make this song . It was a struggle i’m not gonna lie . I had used GarageBand before but never on a P.C only on a iPad so even though it was the same program it is very different on each device . So i struggled through this, i originally made a beat that took me 2 P.M. classes to make but not everyone was liking the beat so i started to make a new one . Mr.Leonard who had taught me how to make beats on the iPad showed me how to use the P.C . He showed me how to make a sound that i like and loop it so that it will play over and over creating my beat . I used different type of sounds and loops that GarageBand gives you to make this new beat . I originally had my peer Jonathan write lyrics with the help of one of our P.M teachers Mr.Dufour so that Jonathan can sing the lyrics over the beat . He did his best but we felt as a class that another peer should try to say the lyrics over the beat . That’s when my classmate Olga Morales came and read the lyrics over the beat she had good rhythm and everyone agreed that we should go with her voice rather than Jonathan’s .

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Journey from Drop Out to Graduate

I ended up in pulse for numerous reasons . I made a lot of mistakes in my old school that led to my decision in transferring to P.U.L.S.E. High School. And now I’m a very different young man . I matured a lot over time and i’m taking the steps I have to so that I will graduate on this June . I realized that there is nothing in the streets for me and that at the end of the day you are born alone and will die alone . Those people i were doing these things with moved on in life and left me behind so i had to do the same and change my ways so that i could be successful .

I was letting the wrong crowd of kids influence me to do things that I shouldn’t have been doing . One time for example a group of boys from my school wanted to go to another school and fight . I didn’t really want to go because i knew it would be the wrong thing to do but i let a couple people influence me to go . They were telling me if i didn’t go that i wasn’t loyal and that i was scared so i forced myself to go even though i knew it wasn’t the right thing to do .

I was cutting school to do other things that weren’t contributing to my success with temporary people . One of them was cutting to to smoke and party with females. It would be like 8 in the morning, and I would call Jon, “What up, Bro.” He would respond like “ What up let’s dub school and get high i got these females pulling up.” I would always say yes and that’s what we would do all day . We would stay in his or my home all day and smoke with females trying to get with them .

When I did go to school I wasn’t doing anything at all . Just walking around the hallways cutting class in the bathroom being a follower .  When a teacher would tell me stop talking and so what i was told to I would disrespect them . That always got me kicked out of class, almost everyday i was being kicked out of class so i would just walk around the halls doing nothing wasting my time . Or i would tell them that i was sorry and that i was gonna do my work but when they walked away i would continue doing nothing and that cause for a lot of teachers to give up on me because they got tired of trying to help someone who didn’t want their help .

I was also in a all boys school which people say are better because there’s no distraction with females but there are many others also . Everyone knows how boys could be very immature and like to play all day . So that another reason I was here wanting to be the class clown doing dumb things and look cool around my friends . That was also a big reason i used to get kicked out of class for trying to be funny . Most of the time i would have the whole class laughing and i was considered to be disruptive and a distraction so i was kicked out .

I ended up failing almost all my classes for about 2 years in a row . The first time around i was scared that my mom would find out so every time our teachers would give up our report cards i would automatically rip them up and throw them out . After my mom would find out i would tell her that i’m gonna do better and be better she would punish me for a while and i would still do the same thing .  The second time around she got tired of it along with my father and they were gonna send me to military school . I convinced them to give me another chance i was telling them about an alternative school they didn’t really get the concept . I told them what my guidance counselor was telling me and they believed me that i would finally change . So i interviewed for P.U.L.S.E High School got in and now i’m here about to graduate in a couple weeks .

My mother was giving up on me and I was on the verge of dropping out . My father and guidance counselor kept speaking to me and motivating me to do better and be better . I had a couple of options but i chose to go to an alternative school . I liked P.U.L.S.E the most so i came here go accepted and this had been the best thing i’ve done so far . I’m graduating this June and i finally gained my mother and father’s trust again . When i say i’m gonna do something they believe me which is a great thing because trust is a big thing in my family .

My Journey

How did I get to P.U.L.S.E. High School?  I got kicked out of another school for getting into another altercation with another female. Even that school, Mott Haven was an alternative school just like P.U.L.S.E. It was a really good school, but I feel like P.U.L.S.E. was a better decision. I should have come to P.U.L.S.E instead of  Mott Haven. Before I went to Mott Haven, I was at Roosevelt High School. That’s where I started messing up in school.

I started to lose track of school during my freshman year around March when I got into an altercation with a group of girls. They were seniors. It was basically a freshman vs. seniors group of war. To be honest, it didn’t have anything to do with me, but I felt like I owed loyalty to my friend. Regardless who was wrong and right, I thought I should be there for them. Then I realized that they weren’t giving me the same friendship I was giving to them, and I distanced myself.

By tenth grade, it was already too late. It was the end of the year. I failed my classes, and in some way, somehow, they were the ones that were passing. That’s when I realized everything. I finally opened my eyes. Sophomore year came, and I had fewer problems, but Roosevelt wasn’t a good environment for me. Drama was always coming my way.

My counselor was there, and she told me: “Siree, you need to transfer. I won’t be here to look out for you next year. No one cares how you do in school. Only me, and I don’t want to leave you here.”

That’s when I decided to switch my school to Mott Haven Community High School and start over.  I was doing pretty good at Mott Haven. I made no friends, became closer to the staff, teachers, and my advisers till I got into a fight. I did get interviewed for P.U.L.S.E., but they didn’t accept me. The second time, I persuaded them, telling them that I am going to change, and I have changed! I learned not to trust people.

P.U.L.S.E. changed me completely. I came to P.U.L.S.E. barely caring about anyone or anything. I didn’t realize how much I was about to lose till the principal, Dr .Wiggins sat me down and had a talk with me. I came to P.U.L.S.E. with the mindset to have no friends, and I don’t have any. I didn’t come to P.U.L.S.E. to make new friends; I came to get my life together and graduate.

Now I’m currently a senior, and I will be graduating In June. I’m thankful to P.U.L.S.E. because of all these open opportunities and having a staff that is there for the students in this school and me.

Peer Interview

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This video was made at PULSE High School (Providing Urban Learners Success in Education). PULSE is an alternative school, a school designed to help students who have fallen behind get assistance they need and catch up on the high school credits they are missing. This video was made as part of a Youth Voices English Project. We are researching the obstacles that students succumb to, causing them to fall behind and face the dilemma of possible dropping out of school. The speakers in this video is myself , Kiara Natal and the person recording whom is Shareef.

“ To never give up, too always keep going no matter what” i said when kiara Natal asked “ so since you’re graduating from PULSE ,what is one thing you will take with you?”

This quote is what I wake up too every morning, I promise myself each day to work hard and be faithful to the urging of the message . . . but there are days when it is very, very, very hard. I have made mistakes, I have failed at numerous things, but I know there is another chance for me. Look, I am ready to graduate! That’s real progress; there was a time when people doubted me to my face.

“ what was different about coming from a mainstream school to going into an alternative school” Kiara asked.

A mainstream school is not where many students get to learn because of the amount of students the one teacher has to teach , in my position a mainstream school did not fit who i am. i’m an IEP student who needs special needs when it comes to my education and Pulse provided that for me , Pulse helped me in various types of ways that i don’t think any other high school couldn’t.

They put me in the right direction which i wish every student should have the chance to be in my shoes. Having this help has made me a better person and also a better student. I want to thank all of the people who helped me succeed and be better in life

Justin’s interview

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The interview took place in Pulse High School where i currently go to school at and will be graduating in June . A peer of ours shareef recorded the interview for us because its apart of our project for new media arts . Cristal was interviewing me about who is the most important person in my life . She is one of my peers who is also taking part in the project for new medias . “How to be responsible , how to be a man , how to take care of things that has to be taken care of , prioritizing your responsibilities” .

“How to be responsible , how to be a man , how to take care of things that has to be taken care of , prioritizing your responsibilities”

I said this after cristal asked me what advice did my grandmother give me . This was the most important advice in my life that my grandmother gave to me . These are the standards as a man i still hold myself to till this day . When i was younger i couldn’t really understand what it meant to be a man or be responsible . I didn’t realize how serious life is and how it isn’t something to play with . I never used to put my responsibilities first which led to me having to come to pulse and graduate late . As i got older these things really came to mind and how my grandmother told me that one day I will thank her for this advice . I was on the verge of not graduating , dropping out and then reality hit . My parents stopped supporting me I couldn’t get a job because I didn’t graduate and it hit me . I had to take care of responsibilities and graduate to put myself in a better position to support myself without much trouble . So these are the rules I live by everyday and will continue to live by responsibilities always come first .

How My Mom Inspires Me

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The interview took place in Pulse high school. Mr. Paul was also there during the interview. Mr. Paul was helping us with the interviews and pushing us to talk more when we replied to the questions being asked. Apart from myself, my partner was Jonathan who also attend Pulse high school. We interviewed each other so that we can get a sense of what a interview should sound and look, and what questions should be asked.

‘’I’m looking for a job that will pay more money.’’

This quote made me realize that i am a hardworking and motivated person because although i attend school and already have a job i am in search for another one. This is motivating because listening to myself repeat those words, reminds me that i should keep looking and even though i may not find one as quick as i want. I shouldn’t give up.

Another quote that stood out to me from the interview was when jonathan said ‘’ so do you look up to your mom as a role model?’’

‘’I want to be like my mom when i get older and become a mother myself.’’

This quote stood out to me because i never really said those words before. I always knew that i wanted to be like my mother but not like her when i become a mother. This shows that my mother is a great women and is always there for her family, therefore i want to be like her.  A hardworking and supportive women.

‘’…she taught me everything i know up to now… i think she does a great job… she works a lot and always provide for us [my sister and i]’’

I think that this topic is great for an interview. Is straightforward and i think that everybody would have their own story to tell. There are also hundreds of questions to ask on this topic its not limited to the questions that i was asked. I also think that everyone should do this as practice for an interview. If there was another topic that we had to choose for our major class project i would vote on this.