Should Service Be Required Nationally?

Should there be national service requirements? National service is required volunteering or can also be defined as “compulsory or voluntary government service.” In this post I will be referring to the required volunteering definition.

While the volunteer system is “booming” and some say requirements would be unnecessary at this point in time, it may be beneficial to start developing this now. Service brings people together, helps them be more active in society, and would help save taxpayer’s money. This would also allow people more time to decide what they want to do before starting a career.”98% of students who took a gap year between high school and college reported that the deferment helped them develop as people and 97% said it increased their maturity.” 

However, there are also some concerns that a program like this would restrict our free will. People would have choice to where they do service but no say in how long they must serve for. There is also concern that service would take away from the economy by taking workers from paying jobs.

I believe that service should be encouraged and supported more widely however, it should not be a national requirement as some people would not be able to participate due to financial situations. It would also lower the amount of money circulating in the economy.