September 26, 2022


Recognizing Rohingya Refugee Reflection

I created this blog on WordPress in order to raise awareness for the Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar. After all, not many people are aware of this topic or know who the Rohingya are. I also created an Instagram account meant to share this cause to a wider audience. I also started my petition, to have more news networks to cover this ongoing issue. Overall, my project has been a success.

My petition wasn’t successful. I only have 8 signatures for my petition. However, I’m supposed to have 100 signatures for my petition. So I was unable to raise more attention for Rohingya refugees on news networks. In addition, I was also unable to successfully promote this petition on my Instagram account. Despite of all of the social media posts I made about my petition, there still wasn’t a lot of traffic for my petition.

My blog on the other hand was more successful. So far, my blog has a total of 83 views and 31 visitors. In addition, I was also able to get some visitors from different countries, like Singapore, Bangladesh, Canada, and China. Also, a majority of visitors came from the United States. This shows how my blog was successful because I was able to spread information about the Rohingya refugee crisis to a wide variety of people from different parts of the world. In addition, one of my blog posts, “Welcome to My Blog!”, was able to get the most amount of views. This is important because of how this post discussed the purpose of my blog and some details about the Myanmar crisis.

My Instagram account was a mixed success. My most recent post has 9 likes and it is the most popular post I made on that account. This is important because of how this specific post focused on Rohingya refugee camps and the living conditions there. With this post having a lot of people who viewed and liked it, I was able to raise awareness about different aspects of the refugee crisis. I was able to get the attention of other Rohingya refugee accounts on Instagram. However, I only have one follower for my account and not a lot likes for many of my other posts on my account.

In conclusion, my project was both successful and unsuccessful. After all, my petition didn’t have enough signatures and many people viewed my blog.  Meanwhile, my instagram account was mainly a mixed success as well, with its disparaging amounts of viewership and likes.If I were to improve my project, I would post more social media posts and have more information about the Rohingya and their current state on my blog. I would also to promote my petition more frequently on my blog.

Recognizing Rohingya Refugees

   I chose to work on the topic of Rohingya refugees because of how the persecution they face is not talked about. Before this project, I didn’t know much about the Myanmar crisis except for how Myanmar’s president was under house arrest. This made me research more about topic and how it led to me discovering that the Rohingya had terrible living conditions and how they get terrorized by Myanmar’s nationalist groups. Considering how much this crisis hurt the Rohingya, who were trying to live their lives, and how this event parallels many historical events, like the Holocaust, it made me that realize how horrible it is that something like that is happening now. When I asked some of my friends about this topic, they didn’t know about this crisis or who the Rohingya are. So when I got the opportunity to choose a digital activism project, I chose this topic in order to share information about the Rohingya to a wider audience.

In this presentation, it focuses on the Rohingya and how they have been discriminated against by Myanmar’s government. Not many people even know who the Rohingya are. Through my presentation I can help raise awareness towards this topic by describing what happened the Rohingya throughout history. This way more people can become interested in this topic, share this information to friends or family, and find places to donate towards this cause.

If you want more information on the Rohingya, check out my blog:

The Myanmar Refugees

The issue I am discussing in my video are the Myanmar refugees. They are a group of refugees from Myanmar who have been treated unfair in the last decade. They have escaped from the violence that they have witnesses and have crossed borders into Bangladesh, India, China, and many more countries seeking help. They are all in terrible conditions, all suffering from starvation, disease, and dehydration. No one is taking care of them and their problems aren’t being discussed. No one should be treated so badly no matter what and these refugees are being harassed everyday even though they are innocent. Making this video helps me take part in the issue by spreading awareness of the abuse they go through.

Before starting this project, I knew that they have fled persecution from the Myanmar government and are living in poor conditions. After research on these refugees, I learned about the horrifying things that has happened to them. Many were killed and the stories are never ended. I also learned that there are donation websites that gives aid to these refugees along with agencies who bring them the care they need.

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