I’m A Rock!

I’m a rock, but not just a simple rock. The place where I’m located makes me special and the big form that I have motivates many people (friends, couples, families) to come to where I am and share moments while sitting on top of me. I don’t really know how I belong to this place. I think that rather the place belongs to me and what makes me more special is that I fit perfectly into the place I am.

I’m in a park in front of the bus and the train stop. People wait for their transportation under me. I serve as a house to some animals and as a place to have a good time for others.

Is a simple rock 
That attracts everyone
If u want to go 
U might have run 
To see how bright is the sun
Don’t take too long
Or the day will be gone
If u want to see the sky tone
U have to be there before 6 o’clock. 

Bettering the MTA

The motivation behind our project was to help improve the disputes that exist in the MTA. As a student in New York, using transportation is essential, to be able to get to school and to get home. Ever since the creation of our site back in February of this year, our site has gotten incredible viewership. We achieved an amount of 2,000 views, and 35 signatures on our petition on I believe that my accomplices and I were able to address the problems of the MTA and positively affect the MTA. Although, even with our efforts, the MTA has problems that have not been fixed yet, and will hopefully be fixed in the future

Our project was effective regarding the fact that we acquired a lot of viewership. Together, my accomplices and I were able to attain 2,000 views. I believe our site made a change in MTA and brought awareness.

Likewise, our petition on earned 35 individuals to sign, allowing us to engage more on our journey on wordpress. We were motivated by these signatures, which allowed to persevere and continue our blog. Continued work on this project could actually mark a major change in making the MTA better. As a group of 4, if we consistently do what we have been doing, and break even more barriers, the MTA can become a joyride.

Overall, our group was able to round up a total of 2,000 views. We were also able to attain a total of 35 signatures on the petition we created towards the betterment of the MTA. In our opinion, this project was successful, as we were able to gain so much traction and be noticed by such a great amount of people. We could make a drastic change within the MTA.

Some ways that we might have improved our project if we could do it for a second time, is we would spend more time on promoting our website and posting more blogs. I would attempt to go on more popular social media platforms to attract more followers. The site would also have to be regularly monitored.


Creating an Improved MTA

The overall drive for completing this project was that the MTA has been suffering. I have worked with three other people over the course of a semester. The conditions of the MTA are not up to par with other transit system. This is especially unacceptable as New York City is the largest city in the United States. Millions of people rely on the MTA to complete their daily commutes. Without safe and clean services. It is important that the MTA upgrades their services so that the MTA can improve their reliability and overall customer satisfaction. My project has been successful as the MTA has been making major improvement to their infrastructure. The MTA has carried out an initiative to modernize their services.

Our overall progress has been amazing. For instance, on our petition on, we received 35 signatures. Although our goal of 100 signatures was not reached, we believe that this progress is a step forward in the correct direction. By utilizing this platform for signatures, it was much easier to understand how many people truly care about the MTA and its services. By having a petition for people to sign, people could take a direct action in supporting our initiative.

Furthermore, over the course of this project, our website has received approximately 2,000 views. Many people have taken time out of their day to view our site. This further supports our cause and allows us to feel assured knowing that many people can get behind the cause. Our informational blog posts allowed viewers to discover the problems that the MTA had.

At the end of this project, with a total of 2,000 views and 35 signatures, our actions have paid off. This project has allowed many individuals to understand the problems that the MTA may try to hide. By allowing the MTA to understand their issues, they can work to fix these problems. I truly believe that our efforts have shed light on the issues of the MTA. We have noticed many improvements with the MTA over the course of our project. It made me proud to know that the MTA is truly becoming better. Our project has been successful in fulfilling our goal to improve the services of the MTA. If I had to do my project again, I would change my approach with social media usage by utilizing an account that is more actively used and has a larger follower count.  

The Metropolitan Trash Authority

Greetings, My name is Ayman Rahman, and I am advocating for better conditions of the MTA. The video I provided below is a video that I created to address this topic.

This presentation consists of multiple reasons on why the MTA needs to be improved. The safety hazards of the MTA must be tweaked on, to better the society of the MTA.

One idea within the presentation is the enforcement of the MTA campaign, ‘If you see something, say something’. Many believe that this campaign has little to no effect on improving the problems within MTA.

Another idea that the MTA must improve on is the way that they treat their employees. The workers are treated horribly and work in terrible conditions that can be extremely hazardous to their health.

The MTA must also enforce their own environment. While Los Angeles is making their stations a much cleaner and safer area for employees to work in, New York has extremely dirty conditions, causing an unsafe work environment

I chose this topic because I believe that the MTA is a great service that allows people to travel quickly across their area, but it has major flaws. These flaws can be fixed and improved on. I use the MTA regularly to go back and forth from school, along with countless students. Delays and conditions affect me greatly when trying to travel.

I invite you all to check out my website,, and to follow it to keep up to date with the latest news on the MTA!


Improving Services for the MTA

The services for the MTA can be improved as it is inconsistent traditionally. Here is a video explaining the services and how it can be improved:

I am Pritam, the creator of the BetterMTA site. The purpose of the site is to address the issues of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). The reason for my selection of this topic is to address the issues regarding the great inconsistent MTA. The MTA is a transportation authority that allows people throughout all of NYC to travel amongst the city and to accomplish daily goals. This primarily interests myself and my group is due to the complications that we face getting to school. It is important to issue situational investments that we have upon the MTA.

Mayor de Blasio has invested in 1.8 billion dollars to help the struggling MTA. Different and creative methods are used to help modernize the subway system and assistance from the federal government is needed. Action is being taken, and we can soon hope for immediate improvements. As of 2018, issues regarding the MTA are statistically going down. Trains have become more reliable than before and the durability has gotten better.
The MTA has issued different types of initiatives to ensure the reduction in pollution, investments in transit systems, and improving air quality. There are still improvements, but success is closer.

We would greatly appreciate if people viewing this post would examine our own blog post that speak similarly upon these following contentions.