September 26, 2022


Ms. Monopoly

You have probably already heard of Monopoly the game with the old man in the front and the fake money and board but there’s a new game or spinoff called Ms. Monopoly. This information comes from the article, ¨Ms. Monopoly¨ on BTW. This is a new game with a nw main character and concept. The game ha a women on the box instead of “Rich Uncle Pennybags” the usual old white male mascot. 

Do you believe it should branch out into the real world?

But the changes don’t stop there. In this game, female players collect $240 every time they pass “Go,” while male players only collect $200. They also start out with $1,900 at the beginning, while men start out with just $1,500.The game is highlighting the fact that, in regular life, men make more money than women do. In addition to the financial head start, the traditional “properties” on the Monopoly board have been replaced by inventions created by women. So do you believe this game is a good idea.

Is Big Tech Getting Out of Hand?

In the article, “Is Big Tech Too Powerful,” I learned that big corporations such as Google and Amazon are becoming illegal monopolies. This has now been investigated by the Department of Justice back in October 2020. Why Google and Amazon? If you need to look up something, most likely a person will use Google and also if a person needs to shop, they will preferably lean towards Amazon, which in fact Amazon offers Amazon Prime where you get your products twice as fast. In fact, the number of Google searches per year round up to 2,540,000,000,000, or 80,000 searches in a single second. 38% of all online sales in the U,S go to Amazon. The second is Walmart with 6%. The pattern here shows you that people rely on these both applications for every single thing, and more and more people are using it.

I think what is going on with Amazon and Google becoming illegal monopolies is crazy! We use these sites on an everyday basis and personally, I wouldn’t know what to do without them. I believe that the bigger these sites get, the more and more we rely on them and I feel like if they catch them doing illegal activities, they won’t be as big and there will be more competition. Google and Amazon aren’t alone as they own their own sites as well. Google owns Gmail, Google Classroom, Chromebooks, Google Chrome, and also Youtube. Amazon owns Whole Foods, Twitch, and Zappos. It is inevitable not to try to use these applications because we all use them all day every day. No matter whether we are hopping on Google Classroom for school, getting on Youtube for our leisure time, those sites will always be used.

Do you depend on these big monopoly sites ?