September 28, 2022


New Horizons

Summer 2017  I was given the opportunity to go to Nicaragua and Cuba, where I learned to cherish what I have.

Pa’ Ramon left us.


Love is in the Family

It’s Not Summer Without You

A New Blessing

Where I Come From

Making Up

When I Met My Dad For The First Time

Jazmin/Challenging My Life

Falling In Love With Soccer

Lessons From Grandma

A Tower Between Us

My problems BY Pedro Ramos

You´re useless  
You´re stupid
Your a fuck up
You´re a fat ass  
You,re just like your sisters
I didn’t let them get to me
I kept on pushing
I motivated my self
To prove them wrong
But as time flew by
One word
After another word
It’s starting to get me
I thought to myself
Am useless?
No one wants my help  
Am stupid?
Look at my grades
Am a fuck up?
Most likely yes
Am a fat ass?
Look at me
Am like my sisters?
Everyone’s say am
Am his son?
Yes, but I guess not
These words
Are really getting
To me now
These word hurt me
I’m trying to hold in the pain
I held it for long
I couldn’t take it no more
Tears running down my cheeks
Ain’t nobody going to care
About me
I can’t take it no more
I put the Gun to my head
Click click
I forgot the gun was on safety

The Power of Friendship

Unspoken Trauma


Family vs Friendship

This is the story of when my bestfriend was there when my brother couldn’t.

When I saw you for the first time

Family Matters

Mein Scheiße Comic

Mother’s love