November 30, 2022


Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriage is something that has been fought for years. At times people in the government do agree and at times they don’t. However, in the population the number of people in favor has certainly increased over the years

  Same sex marriage has gone a long way, having visible the struggles. People were able to get married and their marriage would get nullified only because the people in the government couldn’t make up their mind. This is something completely messed up that we’ve been fighting for 23 years. We’ve accomplished stuff that is for sure, but we still have a long way to go.

Which led to the legalization of same sex marriage in some states, but not all of them. “More than two dozen countries outside of the United States have laws allowing same-sex marriage.” The United States is supposed to be the country of liberty and rights. But even the United States has some kind of struggle creating a stance for itself. Sure, some states already figured it out, but it is not a national stance. Therefore, we still have to fight for it, in order to get everyone equal rights.

My Fairy tale Remix of The Princess and the Pea




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Intro to my fairy tale remixes The Princess and the Pea.
I remixed The Princess and the Pea making it much longer and I had an alternate ending. The Princess and the Pea is about a princess who is stuck outside on a rainy night and gets welcomed into the home of the king and queen when they found her outside. When she gets welcomed into the home of the king and queen the queen doubted the princess, not believing she was a real princess. To make sure she was a real princess she put a pea under 20 eider beds and waited until the morning. The queen knew that only a princess would be as sensitive as to leave the pea under the 20 eider beds. When the princess woke up she told the queen that she slept terribly and now that the queen knew that she was a real princess she allowed the prince to propose to her. However, in my alternate ending the princess told the queen that she slept good and with that she left the palace right after she changed into clean clothes with the prince never proposing to her. The process to making this animation was very hard. First I had to make a script that had to be revised over and over again to fit the constraints and design specification I needed to meet in order to complete this animation. I also had to create multiple storyboards making backdrops and editing characters in order to sketch out my animation. The process of making the actual animation was very challenging. There was a lot of coding involved and I had to make sure the timing was perfect and make sure I included everything including their movements.
Here is the link to my script and storyboards

Should children under 18 not be allowed to get married in the U.S.?

In my state, children who are 15-18 can get married, but not without the consent of their parents. I have to wonder, should children be able to get married at such a young age? Are they mature enough to understand the responsibilities of a marriage? I understand the idea of love and forever after is tempting to a child, especially after being read fairy tales and watching romance movies. The portrayal of relationships can be skewed by Hollywood to something that isn’t realistic, and people don’t fully understand that until they commit to a real relationship. Then, there’s the reality of people changing when they grow older. There will be psychological changes in the human brain as the person matures into an adult, and these changes might interfere with the connection. I also took into consideration the forced marriages that happen too. Majority of the marriages that do occur are due to pregnancies and parents. Children get pregnant before they’re married and they are pressured to get married because it’s viewed as a stigma. When parents get involved, children are paired up with someone who is much older than they are. Forced marriage causes children to grow up faster and miss out on their childhood, and that is something that every child should get a chance to enjoy.


I had read the article Romantic Realism and Romantic Relationships and learned that some relationships turn out to be failures because of false expectations. The reason for our expectations is because TV dramas and romantic movies, these types of entertainment give a false idea that relationships run smooth and it conquers all. Children who have been predisposed to unrealistic romance movies expect their first relationship to be perfect. I believe there is more growth in meeting different kinds of people than dedicating yourself to one person. I thought the interesting thing said in this article was,“Today our long-term relationships are quite unstable compared to 50 years ago.” There is a good chance that this is due to entertainment making us believe something that isn’t very real.


In an article from The Washington Post, Why can 12-year-olds still get married in the United States?, I learned that children much younger than 15 get married. I am aware that these girls aren’t given much of a choice, and they feel anxious from given the responsibilities of an adult. One thing that I found interesting was this text, “most religions tend to describe marriage as an important union between two willing partners. That sounds nothing like child marriage, which is often forced and which has close to a 70 percent chance of ending in divorce.” These situations are tough for girls to get out of because running away or going to shelters will only get them returned home. The interference of organizations between the police and the runaway can be charged with criminal act. I believe the states should make the legal marriage age only 18 to protect children from unwise decisions. I also believe it would prevent younger girls from being handed off to older men.


It’s okay. They’re married.

Gone With The Wind is one of the best books in American literature–that’s something that’s pretty much undisputed among avid readers in our country. And not only is it a great work of literature, many can remember falling in love with Vivian Lee during the movie version, with her green eyes and dark hair. Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara are one of the most prominent literary couples, right up there with Romeo and Juliet, Eleanor and Park, and Harry and Ginny.

However, even through their well-developed relationship, there is a darker underlying theme…it seems that Rhett’s not giving a damn goes just a little too far in their physical relationship. As it is seen multiple times during the movie and book, he is both physically and verbally abusive to Scarlett at many different points. And how are they possibly still so “perfect for one another?”

It’s certainly not because they’re married.

It’s certainly not because what he does is consensual based solely on the fact because they’re married.

Rape is an act of violence–not an act of love, sex, or desire. Unless, of course, that desire is to act violently. Consensual sex is something where both partners are alright with the act that is occurring–rape is when it is non-consensual. Rape can lead to sexual injuries and dangerous situations and is usually used as an act of dominance against another person.

Marital rape is something that is currently being debated in the United States–large numbers of people from all across the nation are debating on whether marital rape is really considered “rape”. Some believe that violent and non-consensual sex is alright once a couple is married. Personally, I find that it is still an act of violence and should therefore still be illegal. Is domestic violence okay? Is verbal abuse okay? I don’t think so. And if rape is an act of violence, even the marital kind should be illegal.

Here’s an interesting article.

Photo by Lucy Maude Ellis