May 23, 2022


We Need To Stand Up For The Ones Who Are Too Afraid

27th October 2017

Dear Future President,

We have many issues we face today in this world, but one thing in particular is very overlooked. That issue is sexual assault against young boys and older males. Some think that men are supposed to be strong,” be in control,” but that’s not always the case. In order for some to realize men can be raped they need to understand men can be vulnerable just as much as women.

”1 out of 10 rape victims are male.” That may not seem that much but it is. Sources say by the age of 18, 16% of men had experienced sexual abuse. The number of reported sexual assaults annually is 12,000. ”In reality that number is way higher, the actual amount a year is about 60,000.” The numbers show that this is a bigger issue than its lead on to be.

Men are afraid to come out to the world with their story. It’s not “normal” for men to be raped. Well at least that’s society’s view. We don’t allow ourselves to believe that this could happen to as many men as it does. People are so close-minded that men go through this and deal with it everyday by themselves cause they’re to afraid to tell their story to others.

This is a very big issue that needs to be handled. We should expect the unexpected. To realize most things that happen to females can also happen to men. Men should be able to know they are safe with coming out with their rape story and not be told they’re lying.


Sincerely, Amber Kavula