October 3, 2022


Somtimes… I Wonder About Scratch.


Although the About Me project in Scratch was great, there was one thing that I wondered about as I was working on this assignment. How would students with disabilities or special needs be able to participate and do this type of project. For students who are blind and visually impaired for example, I wondered how would they be able use this program. I was curious to know if there could either be accommodations to the students or adjustments made to the program where they could use brail for instance to participate. Students who are deaf or hearing impaired might not be able to hear the sounds of certain things in the program. I wondered what else besides the visuals of the word being displayed in a cloud bubble when clicked on or pressed could be done.  For students who might not be able to hold or use a computer physically, how would they be able to use the program. Because the program is predominately hands on, students with both disabilities and special needs might have a hard time using this program. Even students that are emotionally disturbed for example, might get triggered by something or act out of frustration by not being able keep up with the tasks. Students that have attention deficit disorder for example might not be able to stay focused for a long period of time and miss all of the important steps for each task and be unable to keep up. Last but not least, I also wondered about incoming students that are new language learners. Students who don’t know the language will certainly have a hard time using this program. I wondered if there was a way students could either use closed captioned to hear  the correct pronunciation and spelling of the words in tutorial videos for instance. Overall the program is great for teachers to use with their students. I just wondered how it could be modified to accommodate the need for students with special needs or disabilities.

A block is a set of solid cubes. One challenge that I can anticipate is that students with disabilities and special needs might have a hard time learning the program. They might need special accommodations or alternative tasks in order to participate and complete some of the tasks.

The use and repeat of fewer blocks made my band sound more authentic and give it a unique professional sound. I used the audio record sound feature to have a customized audio sound.

If I were to create this story by myself, it would not have turned out the same way at all. Everyone has different creative ideas. So if I did it entirely alone, it wouldn’t have came out as good as it did. The drop the mic moment helps students understand how remixing open source works online by giving them the platform to edit and continue where someone previously left off.

I used cloning in my scratch program to make something fun, cool, and creative. Cloning is different from making multiple sprites because when you’re cloning you’re only using one sprite as opposed to using multiple sprites.

I incoroported an orange circle and purple square into the program by going to sprite 1 and sprite 2. The idea came from my professor to use both platforms and design something unique and creative Paint scratch editior is a program designed to do motion sound or digital effects with images