July 1, 2022


The book “Street Life” can change your future

The book “ Street Life” is about a young man named Victor who had a rough childhood growing up. Victor was born in Mexico. Victor’s mom and little brother crossed the border and moved to California. He joined a gang at 13 years-old because he didn’t have any money and felt a gang would protect him. As he was more into the gang violence, he witnessed his best friend getting shot and killed. Victor was in and out of juvenile. He ran into his old teacher, and she helped him change his life around. My favorite part of the book is when Victor graduated from college and accomplished his dreams to help other young kids that’s in a gang and have bad grades. I recommend high school students to read “ Street Life” because this motivated me to chase my dreams and go to college. Dr. Rios taught me that no matter how you’re struggling and living, it’s never too late to become whatever you put your heart into.