September 28, 2022


LGBTQ Healthcare Equality

Hello, my name is Ruyi. My classmates and I started a digital activism project. The overall goal for this project was to raise support for LGBTQ healthcare equality. LGBTQ members are discriminated in healthcare settings such as doctor offices or hospitals. There are also political problems such as Trump repealing the Affordable Care Act that the Obama administration made to protect the LGBT community. We wanted to raise awareness for this inequality that occurs daily and can endanger lives. In this digital activism project, we started a blog, petition, social media account and a visual presentation of a subtopic to our main topic. Our blog does not have many views and our petition has 27 signers. However, we were still able to raise awareness, even if it was a little and I was able to learn more about my topic. Thus, our project was successful because we were able to raise awareness and I was more aware about this problem.

Our project was successful because our group was able to raise a bit of awareness. For instance, we have posted about 70 blog posts to our blog which we started in February. Throughout these months, we have accumulated about 37 views. This means that at least a few people have viewed one of our posts and learned about this topic. Adding on, even if not many people viewed our blog posts, I enjoyed making them and learning more about this topic myself.

    Also, our petition has about 27 signers on This means that at least a handful of people have recognized this problem that exists and cared enough to sign it. These people are more aware of this inequality that can endanger lives. Therefore, as long as someone has learned more about our cause, it is successful. Even if no one did, my group learned a lot from all the research and the politics behind it.

Ultimately, my evidence supports the fact that our project was successful. Our evidence conveys that we raised some awareness, even if it wasn’t much. To improve my project, I would have posted more on our social media account and promoted our blog and petition more. Also, I would make more effort to make quality blog posts like replying to an article or another blogger that wrote about the same issue. Additionally, I would add more posts to the blog and be more interactive with our followers. If I had to completely redo our project, I would choose a different but related topic to raise awareness for that issue as well.

Digital Activism Topic

I want to fight for better LGBTQ healthcare. Prejudice and discrimination is  everywhere but when it endangers someone’s  life, it is unacceptable. I have friends in the LGBTQ community and they should never be exempt or delayed from medical help just because of their orientation. There are multiple instances where LGBTQ people are stopped or purposely delayed from medical attention and it is life threatening. Everyone should  be the able to get help when they need it and your race, appearance, social status, orientation, gender, etc. should never matter. The LGBTQ community deserve all the rights that non-LGBT people have.

This video slideshow presentation not only exposes the horrible truth about the LGBT inequality but also the bullying. This presentation is not only important to me because I was able to learn, it should also be important to others because they can easily see the bullying firsthand and see the effects on the bullied. This will raise more awareness and allow people to think beforehand their actions and words.

How Has Conversion Therapy Evolved?

Throughout history, the practice of conversion therapy has been used as a way of “correcting” same-sex attraction and gender nonconformity. Same-sex attraction and transgenderism have long been considered deviant and abnormal behaviors. Up until 1973, The American Psychiatric Association classified homosexuality as a mental disorder. This led many people to support different forms of conversion therapy. Many believe that there is scientific backing for conversion. Most of these methods involve inducing physical and emotional trauma in order to deter same-sex attraction or force people into gender reassignment. According to Kathy Baldock, an LGBT rights advocate, in an article from ABC News Australia, this therapy even includes “giving people drugs while they showed them gay porn so they’d throw up. Not giving them drugs while they showed them heterosexual porn so they wouldn’t throw up.” Conversion therapy was invented for one reason only – to eradicate homosexuality and correct a person’s sexuality or gender identity no matter the cost.

Despite what we may think, conversion therapy is still a very widely used practice. The majority of states have not yet banned conversion therapy for minors. There are some individual states, county, and cities that have banned it, but these constitute for very little in the wider scope of the United States. In addition, there is no state that has banned conversion therapy for adults. According to Victoria Brownworth in an article for Dame Magazine, A law banning conversion therapy for adults is pending in California. “If AB 2943 is passed, California would become the first state to completely ban the practice for both minors and adults.” This would involve conversion therapy only with respect to treatment from a licensed counselor, including mental hospitals, prescriptions, and more specific forms of aversion therapy. This would still allow for religious groups and families to perform individualized conversion therapy with no legal consequences.

More and more people are becoming opposed to the idea of conversion therapy. With more counties and states banning the practice for minors, our nation is moving toward a safer world or LGBT youth. Not only has conversion therapy proved to be ineffective, but it also brings serious emotional, physical, and mental harm to everyone who goes through it. By supporting legislation that would ban conversion therapy for minors, our country would become even closer to full protection for the LGBT community.

Does pursuing research about a potential “gay” gene promote an inherent homophobic bias?

The very real fact of conversion therapy has caused many members of the LGBT community to be skeptical of research for a so-called “gay” gene. During the past 20 years, many research projects have been searching for an explanation for homosexuality. According to James Vincent in his article in The Independent, extensive research is being conducted to find the source of homosexuality, specifically taking the form of a genetic anomaly.  However, Alan Sanders who has been conducting genetic research at NorthShore Research Institute has not “identified a single gene which ‘causes’ male homosexuality in humans and stresses that with complex human traits like sexual orientation there are many influencing factors, both genetic and environmental.” Even though there are some links between  

Research on a cause for homosexuality is anything but new. It has taken many forms over the course of history, most recognizably in therapy for LGBT individuals in which they attempted to find a childhood trigger for their attraction or gender identity beyond the accepted binary. In “The Ethics of Genetic Research on Sexual Orientation”, the authors bring awareness to the dangers of pursuing this research. Pointing out that discovering a definite cause for homosexuality implies that there is also a desire to find a cure. With knowledge of a definite cause for sexual preference, many believe that further research may be done to find a way to prevent LGBT people from existing in our world. So, why do we keep pursuing research on something that encourages implicit homophobia?

Similar genetic research has caused controversy in the past with regard to testing for disabilities in unborn children. One major example is an increase in people aborting their babies that have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  According to a publication in The New Daily, “about 93 percent of prenatal diagnoses in the state are being aborted.” It can be assumed that with the ability to predict homosexuality, the number of babies given the label “homosexual” that are aborted would increase.

There are dangerous consequences to the discovery of the origin of homosexuality. With the search for a cause, comes the inevitable attempt to find a cure. This would revert thousands of years of social progress and advances toward equality.


Say No to LGBT Discrimination!

Dear Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry:

I am writing you to discuss your recent shutdown of an order to protect LGBT people from discrimination. I was wondering the reason why you don’t want a law that bans people from discriminating against the LGBT. Is it because you don’t see a use for it? Or is it because of religious beliefs? I’m very interested to know why.

The issue is that there are still people who are ignorant towards the LGBT community and I, like many other people, want to let people know that the people in Louisiana deserve protection. Everyone deserves to be equal. Who are you trying to benefit from shutting down this order? 

Our endeavor is to make a change to policies regarding LGBT rights. The community in Louisiana wants protection against discrimination because they are human too. 20 states have protection against both sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in the public and private sector. Why can’t Louisiana be one of those states as well?

My plan is to make artwork to promote pro-LGBT ideals because we want to raise awareness and inspire other LGBT students to come out as who they are and follow their dreams. To do that I will be painting a mural that depicts many LGBT identities on my teacher’s door to show other students.

In conclusion, I believe that shutting down an act to protect LGBT people in Louisiana was a mistake and I encourage you to reconsider your action. There are people who want to come out without fear of discrimination. Louisiana should create an environment that is accepting of all individuals no matter what.


Adrian Kelly

Annotated Bibliography, STEPHANIE GRACE |. “Stephanie Grace: Why Is Jeff Landry Picking a Fight over LGBT Discrimination Anyway?” The Advocate, 4 Nov. 2017,

This is a reliable source because it provides news about serious issues and brings them into the light. It talks about issues involving different laws made and this one, in particular, involves banning discrimination against LGBT people in Louisiana. While some are for it others oppose the idea because of certain beliefs.

Thought You May Like To Know

Dear past-self,

I’m sorry you feel the way you do right now, but everything will be fine. I’d like to tell you how it went, felt, and worked out. From when I am sending this letter to you from you are very happy living at home with you’re beautiful girlfriend, and yes the same one. When you told you sisters you were pan-sexual they accepted you right away, in fact it was a little funny. Laurel simply stated, “I know,” and then it was over things continued as normal. Molly was the same saying she figured as much and was excited for the both of you. I know that right now you are nervous, but trust me you are for no reason we have yet to have a bad reaction from anyone yet and its been 5 years. Now, when we told Mom she was upset we waited as long as we did, so if you want to save us some grief I’d tell her right away. She was only upset because she thought we could trust her, being pan-sexual however? Not a problem at all, again she thought you were dating Holly 2 years before you were. Dad got a little hairy and awkward, but there was no yelling and now the jokes we have are fun and lighthearted. Things get so much better from where you are. You are going to feel amazing when you finish telling people. You will become more self-confident and sure in yourself, your feelings, and honestly, life in general gets better. You no longer have to lie like you hate doing and you will have and be able to openly celebrate our  amazing girlfriend. Things will go how you would logically expect so please take my advice, tell anxiety to take a hike your family and friends love you, so let them love the real you.


Your out future self. <3

My True Identity: Adrian Kelly


Shadow Box Statement

Adrian Kelly

I didn’t really know what to put in my Shadow Box since I was pretty short on ideas. Now that I see my shadow box I can see that it represents my identity as a whole. The plushy represents my love in humor, and the flag represents my gender identity which is being transmale. The rainbow also represents my sexuality. Seeing that my race is African-American, it’s consider “out of the ordinary” for people like me to come out as transmale. I’ve been told that it’s just a phase and how I’m becoming a “dyke.” I’m really proud of who I am and I’m not ashamed to come out as people may assume. It really doesn’t bother me anymore since I already have people who help support me and I couldn’t be more thankful. My gender expression is not too masculine but not feminine as long as I’m seen as and am male then it doesn’t really matter about what I wear. I did put a bit of my drawings in here since I do like drawing in my spare time or when I’m just bored.The aliens represent my love in conspiracies and how I’m a generally weird person from other people’s perspective.  The picture on the right side of my shadow box shows how I’m still kinda dealing with insecurities and how I’m not really in tune with my emotions as often. I feel like I’m more expressive when I draw or craft something since I can make it with my ideas and I feel more free when I do it.

Supreme Court Denies Appeal to California Conversion Therapy Law

Supreme Court Denies Appeal to California Conversion Therapy Law

Matthew Shepards’ case

Photo by Elvert Barnes

Dear Next President, LGBT Equality

Dear Mr. President,

I wonder what will have happened to the world by the time of your presidency. I, among many others, are desperately hoping that the next person in charge can save us from the downward spiral our nation has been stuck on. I wonder what you views on LGBTQ rights will be? 

I hope that you believe everyone should get the same opportunities regardless of sexual identity. If you might be wondering how you might create complete equality for LGBT people, I have some ideas. 

For starters, you should make it so trans people can use the bathroom of their gender identity. It’s a quick solution for what should be a rather small problem. There are so many people making a fuss about who goes into what bathroom and not only is it completely unnecessary, but very rude as well. There are fully transitioned people out there who’s birth certificates may say one gender while that person is now the opposite. You wouldn’t want a man in the women’s restroom, so why are people forcing men to go there? I hope you can see my point. 

Another idea I have is putting laws in place to create job equality for all people. There are some laws already in place but we need more regulation. Businesses should not be able to turn down a fully certified person a job simply because that person just happens to be gay. It is unfair and disgusting to be so unjust to someone. 

Those are just two examples I have. You can find more information in writing such as LGBT and the universal enjoyment of human rights by Rebecca Karlsson or After Marriage Equality: The Future of LGBT Rights by Carlos A. Ball. I hope, for both you people’s sake and yours that you can do something to help create true equality for all of your great nation.



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