September 26, 2022


They Are People Too

This political season has been very nerve-wracking in terms of candidates and their policies. While watching the news I always see the debates on tv between politicians about LGBT+ rights. There are some politicians who believe they are worth fighting for and some believe they aren’t like one person in particular mentioned in this article.  I wonder to myself about why is this an issue. After all they are humans with feelings the government should respect. The only differences are their gender identity and  sexual orientation. Why should that be of anyones concern? They should be able to marry, stay, and have children with anyone they choose. Everyone is different, no one person is the same. That is what makes the United States unique.

There is so much hate towards the LGBT+ community because they are “different”. They aren’t “normal”. Those two words are the reasons why there are hate crimes on the rise. LGBT+ community members just want to live a normal life like the rest of us but they can’t. They listen to abuse and they take bullets just because they are “different”. Why can’t this change? Why can’t people live together accepting everyones right to be happy? According to this article these are these are the changes we need in order to help the the LGBT+ society. The constitution does not state that being bisexual, gay, or transgender is wrong or a crime. The first amendment does state however, the freedom of press, petition, speech, assembly, religion offered to all citizens. These rights should aren’t denied to them based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.  People can express themselves however they choose under the constitution. The government is meant to protect the people not be against the people. They should find ways to help the LGBT+ community live safe and happy lives.

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Dear Next President, LGBT Equality

Dear Mr. President,

I wonder what will have happened to the world by the time of your presidency. I, among many others, are desperately hoping that the next person in charge can save us from the downward spiral our nation has been stuck on. I wonder what you views on LGBTQ rights will be? 

I hope that you believe everyone should get the same opportunities regardless of sexual identity. If you might be wondering how you might create complete equality for LGBT people, I have some ideas. 

For starters, you should make it so trans people can use the bathroom of their gender identity. It’s a quick solution for what should be a rather small problem. There are so many people making a fuss about who goes into what bathroom and not only is it completely unnecessary, but very rude as well. There are fully transitioned people out there who’s birth certificates may say one gender while that person is now the opposite. You wouldn’t want a man in the women’s restroom, so why are people forcing men to go there? I hope you can see my point. 

Another idea I have is putting laws in place to create job equality for all people. There are some laws already in place but we need more regulation. Businesses should not be able to turn down a fully certified person a job simply because that person just happens to be gay. It is unfair and disgusting to be so unjust to someone. 

Those are just two examples I have. You can find more information in writing such as LGBT and the universal enjoyment of human rights by Rebecca Karlsson or After Marriage Equality: The Future of LGBT Rights by Carlos A. Ball. I hope, for both you people’s sake and yours that you can do something to help create true equality for all of your great nation.



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