June 28, 2022


Taking initiative as a leader

Taking initiative can be beneficial towards your team but especially in school. Many students need to learn how to take initiative when it comes to participating in school, this could increase the chances of improvement in grades and a healthy environment. Being engaged with extracurriculars and other classes can improve educational experiences which will allow the student to seek more in life. Education is valuable so making the most of it could help you in the future.

Examples of taking initiative in class or around your campus could be picking up trash you see around your area, making sure your peers know what’s going on if they have any questions, and cleaning up after yourself. By doing this it will ensure good communication skills and make you a better problem solver. Being in charge does take responsibility so making decisions has to be agreeable and collaborative.

How can you take initiative in or out of school?


Dogs are traditionally wired into an alpha animal. They are natural born leaders. Therefore, humans own them. They cannot have the tendencies that they would in the wild. This connects dogs to a brain similar to a human child. They can sense positivity and negative feelings, emotions, and aggressiveness. Dogs are also good for mental health. They contribute happiness, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and ease loneliness. This also goes to military working dogs. But in addition they are trained for 7 months in basic skills. They learn commands such as sit, down, stay; then further training. This brings me to the book The Once and Future King.

In the book The Once and Future King, the character Lancelot faces war. This is a symbol of courage and gratitude towards the people the way he goes about his plan of attack. As the whole society puts their faith in Lancelot, they trust his actions as a leader. His character in this book is bold, courageous, and trustworthy. Lancelot’s soldiers put their life at risk for the safety of others. The soldiers also trust his leadership and this is put to test in the course of fighting. These soldiers are fearless.

In connection, soldiers are like dogs. They are mentally wired to follow commands, do what they are told, and put others before themselves. This connection is symbolized as bravery. Bravery towards those who need them. They both are trained for this type of setting of events and do as they are told. Much rather looking at it as a maturity level, dogs and soldiers are focused. They are set on a task to complete and that they do.

In conclusion, I think Lancelot’s soldiers and dogs have a great connection to each other. Not just army dogs, but regular dogs too. They all have that sense of command, strength, and leadership for themselves to continue on this journey to achieve their goals. All these characteristics lead me to think that soldiers and dogs are alphas in life and not everyone can do what they accomplish.